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Source codes
Source codes

  Why the source codes of the Fractal Explorer can be necessary for you ? 

  • if some aspects of implementation of the program are interesting to you. For example, calculation of the different fractal types or three-dimensional rendering with OpenGL or something another;
  • if you write the Windows applications and want to use some parts of our code in the your program;
  • if you want to learn to programing;
  • there is a lot of other reasons for this purpose !


We shall not spread freely source codes of the Fractal Explorer. And you cann't find them on this site. But you can receive all source codes immediately from the writers (Sirotinsky Arthur and Olga Fedorenko). Only we are the owners of the source codes of the Fractal Explorer and ONLY WE can them spread. Any other source of distribution of the Fractal Explorer source codes is ILLEGAL !

If you want to receive the Fractal Explorer sources, you owe will familiarize with the prices, which are listed below:


single, private only license
you can not use any part of this codes in your application and redistribute them


single, non-private license
you can use any part of source code for building your free- or shareware application, but you can not redistribute any part of the Fractal Explorer sources


corporate license
(for two and more users)

similarly to part 2.


For ordering of the source codes you should to contact us. Please, use address listed below:

We shall signal you the good way for transferring of the money. After obtaining money we shall send on your EMail-address archive with the complete source codes of the Fractal Explorer.


The package with the source codes includes (as of June 10, 2001):

  • delphi 3.0 project files (*.DPR) of the Fractal Explorer, True3D-attractors rendering library and Fractal Landscapes Library;
  • 54 forms (*.DFM) with related program files (*.PAS and *.RES files);
  • delphi units with non-forms codes (TCustomFractal/TFractal/T3DFractal and TFractalThread classes, formulas library, AVI-creation interface, ets);
  • delphi's desktop files (*.DOF and *.DSK);
  • all another related files and units, which necessary to rebuild of the projects.

Total size of source codes is about 2 MB (zipped).

Besides buying for us the initial codes you gain complete support and regular upgrades.


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Copyright © 1999-2001
Sirotinsky A.A. and Fedorenko O.V.
Kiev, Ukraine.