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Fractal-related links
Fractal-related links

  Fractal links pages: 
  • What's New in Fractals;
  • A collection of Fractal Images;
  • Fractal Programs;
  • Info and images from The Quartet Fractal;
  • Information about the Images at Spanky;
  • documents, code examples, formulas and parameter files.
Fractal.NFO     (highly recommended) 
  • Very good collection of the fractal-related information.
    Software, tutorials, what-is-a-fractal, hystory-of-fractals, fractal-art and other, other, other... Lots of links !
    Copyright 1999, 2000 Juan Luis Martnez. .
Infinite Fractal Loop     (recommended) 
  • web ring dedicated to fractal art.
Fractal Links and Related Sites

  Fractal software: 
Fractint WWW pages
  • Fractint is a freeware fractal generator created for IBMPC's and compatible computers. It has many great features and it is constantly being upgraded and improved by the Stone Soup team;
Iterations et Flarium by Stephen C. Ferguson     (highly recommended) 
  • Stephen is an author of the many popular fractal-generation programs and all of his programs are FREEWARE. Try to use Atriatix, Sterling-ware, GrafZViZion, Tiera-Zon, Tiera-Zon 2, Inkblot Kaos or The Talis Project.
Ultra Fractal
  • Good shareware fractal-generation program. Version 2.04 released May 13, 1999
  Fractal Art:     Recommended 
  • very pretty web site by Damien M. Jones.
Fractal Art Museum Enterprise     Recommended 
  • The Fractal Art Museum is offering the answer: a quality collection of fractal art works will be located under the same roof so surfing from site to site - from artist to artist - will be clean and quick. The various styles of work, the different pallets, the multiple forms and patterns, will attract the surfers, and will present with dignity and grace each artist;

  • © 2000, Joseph Trotsky.
Fractal Galore by The Fractal Lady     Recommended 
  • Beautiful fractals by Cindy Mitchell.
Silvie Gallet's Fractal Gallery
  • Fractal lovers, this site is for you !!!
  • English and Franch versions available.
Fractal Images by Sharon Webb
  • This site is hosted on
Third Apex to Fractovia
  • Beautiful fractal art by Juan Luis Martnez.
Fantastic Fractals

Carlson's Fractal Gallery
and Sprott's Software

Fractal pictures & animations
including Fractal Movie Archive

Portfolio of 3D Fractals by Stewart Dickson

Computer Artist site by Kerry Mitchell

Linda's Fractals
  • Nice fractals by Linda Bucklin.
What is fractal ?     Recommended 
  • Don't you know about fractals ? Visit here and get quick and simple info !
    Copyright 1999, 2000 Juan Luis Martnez.
Tutorials by Frode Gill
  • Best tutorial about quaternion rendering.
Elsevier Science
  • Your gateway to Science !
Mathematical surfaces by Tore Nordstrand
  • Here is a collection of parametric and implicit equations;
  • Gallery with author's works;
  • Source and explanations are included.
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
  • Encyclopedia of Mathematics;
  • 9154 entries, 157448 cross-references, 3700 figures, 71 animated graphics, 925 live Java applets, and counting...
  • The "STRANGE ATTRACTORS (Creating Patterns in Chaos)" book by Julien C. Sprott. The University of Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin.
  Programming and programmers: 
The good-looking textured light-sourced bouncy fun smart and stretchy page     Highly recommended 
  • This Web Site is a collection of original and unique articles written by Hugo Elias. The articles cover a range of computer programming related topics, from graphics to physical modeling.
    Also, you can find many good links to other sites.
efg2 Delphi Algorithms Page     Recommended 
  • Greatest collection of the various algorithms.
CodeGuru     Recommended 
  • Very good site for programmers.
Romka Graphics by Roman Podobedov The Programming Sharehouse
  • On this site there are numerous programming tutorials, articles, games, tools, programs, links to other sites, tips, source code files, and FAQs covering many programming languages and topics.
Ivan Lee Herring Homepage
  • VR GIS: Vector Raster Geographic Information System Image Locatable Holographics.
Virtual Terrain Project
  • The goal of VTP is to foster the creation of tools for easily constructing any part of the real world in interactive, 3D digital form.
Generating Terrain
  • Some information about terrain generation.
Programming page by Lucian Wischik
  • Here are components, programs and documentation written for C++Builder and the Windows API on OpenGL, DirectDraw, the BCB Tools API, audio-sampling, ShellExecute and more. Also links to other relevant sites.
Game Programming and Graphics programming

Gamasutra - Archive: Features: Programming

Game Developer Magazine

Renderlight by Andy Gibson
  • "Renderlight is a component for Borland (Inprise) Delphi, a piece of software that I think is the absolute bees knees. It allows you to create and render scenes built from either 3DS loaded files, or code generated geometry. The lighting, shadows, and countless other functions are handled internally, while at the same time, giving the user the full flexibility to render the scene as they wish...".
  OpenGL programming:     Highly recommended 
  • The home of OpenGL.
Programming Page by Nate Miller     Recommended 
  • Tips and Tricks;
  • OpenGL tutorial;
  • Programming;
  • Common code examples;
  • Source code Galore;
  • Documentation.
DelphiGL by Jason Allen
  • Source code to a number of projects written in Delphi, all including Delphi source code so anyone can learn from the projects. You can also find a lot of the necessary files you need to start programming in OpenGL. Including updated OpenGL header files, GLUT DLL's and header files, glAux library header files and DLL's, and OpenGL frameworks to base projects on.
MartzPage, No Big Whoop glVelocity
  • GL stuff + more, by Tim C. Schrder (Germany).
druid's GL journal

Starstone Software Systems by Richard Wright
  • OpenGL stuff.
  Other links: 
Dave Central     Highly recommended 
  • DaveCentral Shareware, Freeware, Demos and Betas !
    This is a best software archive in the WEB. You can find any Linux and Windows software here.
Flowers Across America
  • Flowers Across America - The leading online florist for birthday flowers, holiday flowers, I love you flowers, everyday flowers, get well flowers, new baby flowers, roses and more.

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