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  Fractal Explorer: 

  • Latest build: 1.23 beta 4
    Release date: Aug 29, 2001
    File size: 947kB
    OS compatibility: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000

      HTTP 1: download (, direct)
    Note: we have reports both about stable, and about unstable works of this version. It has been tested on Windows 2000 and on Windows 98 both. We ask you to test this version on the another versions of the Windows (under Win95 mainly). And we ask you to send us the brief report on stable or unstable working of the program.
    Please, whenever possible, specify the version of operation system, CPU and motherboard type, RAM size and used FE modes. Thank you very much, friends !

  • Current version: 1.22se (to use with Windows NT/2000 only)
    Release date: June 10, 2001
    File size: 1334 kB

      HTTP 1: download (, direct)
  • Version 1.22 (to use with Windows 95/98/ME only):
    Release date: May 15, 2001
    File size: 1326 kB

      HTTP 0: download (, direct)
      HTTP 1: download (direct downloads from by Judy Tallman)

  Fractal Landscapes Library: 

  • Current version: 1.05
    Release date: Mar 25, 2001
    File size: 2 037.8 kB

      HTTP 1: download (, direct)
      HTTP 2: download (FAME, non-direct, latest build)
      HTTP 3: download (, non-direct)
      FTP  1: download (FTP, direct)

  User Formula Compiler: 

  • Current version: 2.03
    Release date: May 15, 2001
    File size: 476,634b
    Fixed version of the tutorial available here.

    Note: this packageis not changed. If you already have it - you should not download it again. The changes for new version are inqluded into the main FE package !

      HTTP 1: download (, direct)

  Installtion notes: 

Fractal Explorer does not require installation !
Unzip package/packages into new folder and run FE.EXE !

How to upgrade to the new version:
Unzip any archive into Fractal Explorer's folder and overwrite existing files
(optional: keep your configuration file - fractal.ini).

We wait for your remarks and suggestions. Write to us !

  Related links and files: 

Tutorial for Fractal Explorer
On-line, step-by-step, tutorial with screenshots and comments by "BubblyBabs".
We highly recommend this tutorial for beginners !

English version of the Fractal Explorer Help
This help was translated by Stephen C. Ferguson. But it is old and very small help :(

Help file
Only little Russian help-file available today. Now we have no opportunity to write detailed help in English. May be it will available in future. But if you speak Russian - download and unzip this file into Fractal Explorer's folder.

OpenGL libraries
These files will be necessary you in the case that your system does not support OpenGLЃ. If you have Windows 98/ME/2000tm installed, then you should not needed this. If you have Windows 95tm - download this archive (357kB) and unzip it into Fractal Explorer's folder.


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