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Fractal gallery

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IFS gallery 3
IFS gallery 3

All images created with Fractal Explorer


ifs43a.jpg 3057b
(512x512) 43180b
ifs46a.jpg 3772b
(512x512) 70068b
fractinta.jpg 5394b
(512x512) 30757b
swirl5.jpg 7955b
(512x512) 49931b
treea.jpg 5990b
(512x512) 32460b
zigzag2a.jpg 4949b
(512x512) 27157b
sg_ifs_38a.jpg 5003b
(512x512) 33156b
sg_ifs_39a.jpg 5429b
(512x512) 42193b
sg_ifs_43a.jpg 5482b
(512x512) 41698b
sg_ifs_45a.jpg 6870b
(512x512) 47759b
All spots zipped


Updated: Jun 11, 2001

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