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Fractal gallery

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IFS gallery 2
IFS gallery 2

All images created with Fractal Explorer


bush2a.jpg 7263b
(512x512) 67432b
cristal2a.jpg 4337b
(512x512) 41243b
crossa.jpg 4500b
(512x512) 36969b
dragon1a.jpg 9306b
(512x512) 107117b
fern2a.jpg 3763b
(512x512) 34438b
flake1a.jpg 8769b
(512x512) 100511b
flake2a.jpg 6445b
(512x512) 58320b
ftreea.jpg 4472b
(512x512) 46518b

These two IFS were sent to us by Jesse McKeown:

jk2a.jpg 3236b
(512x512) 17347b
the Koch Snowflake made with only TWO contractile mappings !
jmec2a.jpg 9196b
(512x512) 100959b
Mecan21 immitates pentagonal tiling paterns discovered by Roger Penrose
All spots zipped


Updated: Jun 11, 2001

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