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Fractal gallery

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IFS gallery 1
IFS gallery 1

All images created with Fractal Explorer


fern0.jpg 18484b
(600x600) 129786b
coral0.jpg 25346b
(600x600) 155905b
arbre0.jpg 19438b
(800x800) 132975b
denoel0.jpg 14612b
(800x800) 79672b
dragon0.jpg 19330b
(600x600) 106560b
labsier0.jpg 22303b
(600x600) 119214b
maple0.jpg 17428b
(600x600) 86488b
mecano0.jpg 21683b
(600x600) 127979b
spiral0.jpg 17397b
(600x600) 85386b
tab0.jpg 20543b
(600x600) 62412b
All spots zipped


Updated: Jun 11, 2001

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