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Samuel P and Francis L Stewart Piatt

Samuel Pleasant Piatt was born January 23 (or 22), 1858 (or Jan 1859) in Crawford County, Missouri, (some say Texas County, Missouri) to James Glass Pyatt and Rachel Miller and died August 15 (or 16), 1920. He is buried in the Lone Pine Piatt Cemetery, Round Springs, Shannon County, Missouri. His death certificate says he is buried in 'Timber, Mo' which might be the same cemetery.

Samuel was raised in Crawford County, Missouri, for most of his childhood near his father's extended family. His mother died between 1866 and 1869 at which time Samuel gained a step-mother, Mary Ann Honeycutt, who provided Samuel with seven half-siblings. Since he was only eight to eleven years old when his mother died, it can be assumed that he actually had more of a relationship with Mary Ann than with his mother. Some researchers list Samuel's place of birth as Texas County, Missouri. Unless the family moved there and then moved back to Crawford County, Missouri, before the 1860 census - I think perhaps that is an assumption on someones part. And, his death certificate lists his birthplace as Crawford County, Missouri. Alternatively, perhaps Rachel did go to Texas County to stay with a relative or friend and to give birth there. The family was in Texas County (or at least that is where James and Mary Ann were married in 1869) but moved by 1870 to Shannon County, Missouri.

Samuel was married October 24, 1876, in Dent County, Missouri, to Francis L Stewart who was born April 15, 1859, (or Apr 1860) to Marian M and Polly Welch Stewart and who died July 12, 1942. She is also buried in the Lone Pine Piatt Cemetery, Round Springs, Shannon County, Missouri.

The known children of Samuel and Francis:

James Glass Pyatt Jr and Samuel Plesant Piatt are both GGGrandfathers of Carol Piatt ( from both sides of her family.

Samuel and Francis made their first appearance together on the 1880 census in Franklin Township, Dent County, Missouri as follows:

This family was enumerated vol 11 ed 61 sh 7 line 40. Also living in Franklin Township were James and Mary Ann Pyatt (Samuel's father and step-mother) with their youngest children and Samuel's brothers, James G Pyatt Jr and William Caleb Pyatt. Of note, descendants of Benjamin Pyatt, the brother of James Glass Pyeatt lived in Dent County, Missouri.

By the 1900 census, Samuel had moved his family back to Shannon County, Missouri. They appeared as follows in Newton Township:

This family enumerated 106/116/3/59. Samuel's father was still living in Dent County with his son, William C Pyatt. Also in Dent County was Samuel's brother, James G Pyatt Jr.

By the 1910 census of Newton Township, Shannon County, Missouri, they appeared as follows:

This family was enumerated #5/5 pg 278A ( image 1/23). Living in the next few houses were their children as follows:

In Casto Township, Shannon County, Missouri, was their son, Chester as follows: It appears as though Chester and Laura only have one child although the # of children/# still living was left blank. Whom had Samuel and Frances' daughters married? I note that Francis claims that all her children are still living. Samuel's father, James G Pyatt, lived with his daughter and son-in-law Sarah Elizabeth Pyatt and William Chilton during the 1910 census in Pike Towhship, Carter County, Missouri and died soon thereafter.

Samuel's death certificate information is as follows:
Missouri State Board of Health; Certificate of Death; County: Texas; Township: Carroll; city: (blank); Registration District: 1077; Primary Registration District: 6140; File No: 28534-a; Full Name: Samuel Pleasant Piatt; Sex: Male ; Color: White; Marital Status: Married; Date of Birth: Jan 23, 1858; Age: 62 yrs 6 mnths 24 ds; Occupation: farmer; Birthplace: Crawford Co; Name of father: Jas. Glass Piatt; Birthplace of Father: (blank); Maiden Name of Mother: Rachel Miller; Birthplace of Mother: (blank); Informant: Mr. Chester Piatt; Informant Address: (blank); Filed: Oct 15, 1920 L H Wallen; Date of Death: Aug 15, 1920; I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from June 10, 1920, to Aug 15, 1920, that I last saw him alive on Aug 15, 1920, and that death occurred on the date stated above, at 4 a.m. The cause of death was as follows: Tuberculosis of lungs; Duration: (blank); Contributory and duration: (blank); Signed: L H Wallen M. D. (no date or address given); Place of burial or removal: Timber, Mo; Date of Burial: Aug 17, 1920; Undertaker: none; Undertaker address: (blank)


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