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John P and Martha Carnahan Pyeatt

John P Pyeatt was born on January 3, 1792, in Guilford County, North Carolina, to Jacob and Margaret Finley Pyeatt. John died January 28 (or 21), 1823, in Crystal Hill, Pulaski County, Arkansas. John was a Lieutenant in the 7th Regiment Missouri Militia in 1814. He married in 1815, Martha "Patsy" Carnahan who was born in 1792 to Rev. John and Janet Billingsly Carnahan.

According to the manuscript of L. A. Colquitt (original sources not known), "In 1815, John Carnahan, then a 'licensed exhorter' of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, united in marriage his daughter, Martha, and John Pyeatte." Also "Further evidence of the activities of the Pyeattes is contained in the report compiled in 1926 by Jim B. Higgins, Secretary of State: during 1819-21, Jacob Pyeatte was Coroner of Pulaski county, apparently the only political office he ever held."

The children of John and Martha:

John Pyeatt died with two other men, who were frozen while traveling from New Orleans to Arkansas Post between Little Rock and Cadron, Pyeatt Township, Pulaski County, Arkansas, as reported in the Arkansas Gazette 'a hundred years ago' column.

According to L. A. Colquitt's manuscript, "A copy of the Will and Testament of John Pyeatte filed and recorded in 1823, bears out a statement found in the old records that until about this time (1822) the early settlers had been "squatters." The lands were surveyed and opened for land entry during this period. The original Land Entry Book used by the United States Land Office at Batesville, shows entries of lands (in considerable quantity) made by James Pyeatte in 1822, all in the Crystall Hill neighborhood. The fact that their deeds recorded limits our information in this direction. John Pyeatte appears to have been the first or one of the first Pyeattes to attend to such a matter with care. His will is interesting, in that it not only outlines definitely the progress these settlers had made in setting up new homes and evidence thier ability to draw some comforts from the crude surroundings, but also is moving (as these documents often are) as a statement of religious faith."

Here is the will of John Pyeatt:
In the name of God, I, John Pyeatt, do make my last will and testament, being mindful of my mortality and in my senses. First I resign my soul in teh hands of my Creator from whence it came, hoping and believing in a remission of my sins. First I desire that my wife, Patsy and my brother Peter Pyeatt shall be the super-intendants of my estate. My will and request is that the land I live on and hold must not be sold, but kept and preserved for my heirs. Also the negro girl is not to be sold, to be together with the land and all my personal estate, to be equally divided in share and share alike. The stock such as cattle and horses may be sold together with anything belonging to my farm, for the better maintenance and education of my children, except the land and the negro girl named Lidda. After my wife, Patsy, obtains her third, which I do will and bequeth her after my just debts are paid. The remainder and remains of all to be equally divided between my children in share and share alike. In testimony whereof I have set my hand and seal.
Seal with my seal: John Pyeatt
Witnesseth: John Carnahan / H. P. Pyeatt / AN. Roland
In the presence of: Jan. 20, day of our Lord, 1823 by John Carnahan and H. P. Pyeatt, Sworn to in open court, this the 4th day of March, A.D. 1823. Sam Anderson, Clerk
Will of John Pyeatt, Dec'd. filed and recorded March 4, 1823. Recording will - 25 by Sam Anderson, Clerk.

After John's death, Martha married on Jul 24, 1824, his double-cousin Andrew Finley Pyeatt who was born in 1801 and nine years her junior. John's father, Jacob, was a brother to Andrew's father, James and John's mother, Margaret, was a sister to Andrew's mother, Catherine.

The children of Andrew and Martha were:

The John Pyatt on the Missouri Territory - Arkansas County - 1816 Tax List is probably this John Pyatt along with his father, Jacob Pyatt and uncle James Pyatt. Go to 1816 Tax List on the US Genweb.

After Andrew's death, Martha married Thomas Jefferson 'Jeff' Cabe and had two more children. Information on that family can be found on the page for Andrew and Martha Pyeatt.


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