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John H and Sara A Maxwell Pyeatt

John Henry Pyeatt was born in Arkansas (probably Cane Hill, Washington County) November 9, 1829 to Andrew Finley Pyeatt and Martha Carnahan. John died June 30, 1889 in Rio Vista, Johnson County, Texas. He married August 21, 1851 in Washington County, Arkansas, Sara Ann Maxwell who was born on July 31, 1832 in Arkansas (or Madison County, Kentucky) and died April 22, 1902 in Rio Vista, Johnson County, Texas. Sara's parents were William and Ann Rae Billingsly Maxwell. John and Sara are both buried in the Grange Hall Cemetery, Johnson County, Texas.

The children of John and Sara:

John and family can be found on the 1860 census of Texas, Johnson County, Nolands River District as follows:

Ann R Maxwell was Sarah's mother and I would assume that S M Maxwell would have been a brother of Sarah's.

John and family lived in ED 82 of Johnson County, Texas, during the 1880 census:

Living next door was son, Finis and his wife:

By the 1900 census, John had died and the widowed Sarah was living with one of her sons (I guess you could say he was living with her) in Precinct 2, Johnson County, Texas, as follows:

This family was enumerated #288/300 pg 164b. At #289 and #290 were her sons James F Pyeatt and Benjamin A Pyeatt. On the next page at #297 was her son, Finis E Pyeatt; and son, Charles D Pyeatt was in Precinct #3 on page #215. Son, William H Pyeatt, was in Briscoe County, Texas. Her daughter, Martha Ann Menefee, was in Greer County, Oklahoma. I did not locate daughter, Elizabeth's, widowed husband (and possible children); John M Pyeatt; or recently married Mary E Nanny. Their neighbors were ?Chapin, James Pyeatt, Ben J Pyeatt, Bryant Horry, John Sanders, Robert Gatewood, Harry Gatewood, William Bailey, and Joe Lacewell.

Inscriptions from the Rio Vista Cemetery, Rio Vista, Johnson County, Texas, for this family (and collateral lines) are as follows:

Other various cousins and family are buried in this very large cemetery. A more complete list can be found on the cemetery page and the complete census can be viewed at Rio Vista Cemetery.

Inscriptions from the Grange Hall Cemetery, Johnson County, Texas, for this family are as follows:


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