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Finis E and Elizabeth Maxwell Pyeatt

Finis Ewing Pyeatt was born on July 11, 1816, to John P and Martha Carnahan Pyeatt. Finis died October 21, 1857. He married July 28, 1836, Elizabeth Maxwell who was born in August 22, 1820. Finis and Elizabeth along with Pauline Pyeatte and Edley Maxwell were married in a double ceremony. Elizabeth died November 6, 1894.

The children of Finis and Elizabeth:

I believe Finis and family are indexed under "F Y Pyeatt" on the 1840 census in Prairie Township, Washington County, Arkansas, as follows:

They were located on Pg 26 line 23 of Prairie Township and also on 1841 tax list 'Prarie' Township. The two boys under five would be John C and William H Pyeatt. Finis would be one of the males 20-30 and the other is probably a brother or laborer living with the family. The female 15-20 is Elizabeth.

On the 1850 census of Washington County, AR Finis and family appeared as follows:

By the 1860 census, Finis had died and his family appeared in Marrs Hill, Washington County, Arkansas, as follows:

The family was enumerated #485/77. Neighbors were #484 William Carnahan, #486 Neal E Eamiston, #487 Thomas West, and #488 Jackson Long.

The 1870 census of Ray's Mill P O, Marrs Hill Township, Washington County, Arkansas, confused me for a while until I 'decided' that Elizabeth was enumerated as 'F E' for her husband:

This family was enumerated #14/14 (F E Pyatt) and 14/15 (J C Pyatt) pg 153B Ray's Mill. F E is Elizabeth; P J is Jacob Preston at the correct age; William (her son) should be age 40 (so is this someone else? mcp); J C is John C at the correct age with his new wife, Julia, and their first child. Other neighbors were Josiah Roberts, Thos Gibson, James Burton, G W Ashley, Jack Daily, Preston Johnson, James Marrs, D C Thurman, Bolin Smith, S V Marrs, C McChristian, C B Pittigrew, J T Cabe, Robt Gibson, George Gibson, Jonas Burkett. The 'P J' is Preston Jacob Pyeatt - Elizabeth's son. Living next door to Elizabeth and family was Thomas Jefferson 'Jeff' Cabe with his wife, Margaret Pyeatt Pierce Cabe, and their daughter Elizabeth. Jeff had been married to Finis' mother, Martha Carnahan Pyeatt Pyeatt Cabe, before her death and so was at one time his step-father. Living not too far away at #66 was his brother, William M Pyatt.

On the 1880 census, Elizabeth appeared at Marrs Hill, Washington County, Arkansas with her son, John C Pyeatte, as follows:

The family was enumerated #95/95 Marrs Hill pg 501 7th June 1880. Their near neighbors were Barney ?Newberry and Ethan Cantrell. Living at #176 was his brother, Jacob Preston Pyeatte, and at #178 his brother, William H Pyeatte.

Land records that seem to belong to Finis in Washington County, AR, are as follows:

  • Finis E Pyeatt 09/20/1839; doc #1954; SWNW sec 30 town 16N rang 31W 42.29 acres; AR0880_.267
  • Finis E Pyatt 08/01/1857; doc #8141; NWSW sec 36 town 16N rang 32W NESE sec 35 town 16N rang 32W S1/2SE sec 35 town 16N rang 32W 160 acres; AR1000_.210


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