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Jacob P and Eliza L Kerr Pyeatt

Jacob Preston Pyeatt was born on March 22, 1841, in Arkansas, to Finis Ewing Pyeatt and Elizabeth Maxwell and died December 14, 1910. Jacob married May 8, 1873, Eliza Lucinda Kerr who was born August 19, 1850, in Tennessee or Arkansas. Some researchers show him married to Lyda S Kerr though I have seen no evidence of it. He was old enough when married to Eliza to have been previously married.

Jacob Preston Pyeatt served in the civil war. The other Jacob Preston Pyeatt from Washington County, Arkansas, died at the Battle of Wilson's Creek in 1862. I believe I have seperated the two men's records correctly. Jacob Preston Pyeatt who was married to Eliza L Kerr served (as a Sergent Major) with his brother, William H Pyeatt, in Company E (Stirman's), 1st Cavalry Battalion.

The children of Jacob and Lucinda:

Some researchers have a son, Fred E Pyeatt, born December 26, 1870, who married Emma Brown. However, Eliza claimed to have had only nine children and we can account for that number with various census entries. I believe that Fred E Pyeatt is not a son of Jacob and Eliza as they have no son 10 years old on the 1880 census.

Jacob is most likely the 'J P Pyatt' enumerated on the 1870 census of Mountain Township, Washington County, Arkansas, though I have only his name and no further information.

On the 1880 census of Marrs Hill, Washington County, AR, Jacob and family appeared as follows:

This family was enumerated at #178/178 Marrs Hill pg 505 12th June 1880. Near neighbors were Wiliam James, Alfred Drake and Jacob's brother, William H/M Pyeatt. At #95 in Marrs Hill was Jacob's brother, John C Pyeatt. Living in John's household was their mother, Elizabeth.

We glean a lot (more if the handwriting were more clear) from the 1900 census of Marrs Hill Township, Washington County, Arkansas:

This family was enumerated #124 pg 180B image 14/20 ED 109. Next door was Jacob's brother, William H Pyeatt. Further investigation might reveal their son, Jessie, living nearby. But, as the 1900 census is not currently indexed, I will have to wait to conduct further searches.

By the 1910 census the family appeared as follows in Marrs Hill Township, Washington County, Arkansas:

This family was enumerated #139/143 pg 153A ED 139 image 17/22. At #137 was Jacob's brother, William H Pyeatt. Other neighbors were Adain Rhine, Frank Smith, Jiff Parks, Ray Rawlings, Isaac Rhine, William D Wells, James Cavett, Robert Kendrick, and James Stubbs. At #173 pg 154 was their son, Robert Pyeatt. I have a 1905 date of death on son, Samuel; I did a search at for anyone named Pyeatt born in Arkansas c1876 and did not locate their son, Jessie (was he the one deceased?); there was no Eugene Pyeatt born in Arkansas c1878; I am assuming that Leota was married at this time and do not have her married name. At the current time, only the head of households are indexed for the 1910 census.

In 1917 Eliza applied for her Confederate Widow's Pension. A synopsis of that information is as follows:
Pyeatt, J P / widow: Mrs E L Pyeatt / widow's appl #: 21515 / widow's dob: 08/15/1850 / veteran's unit: Co E 1st Ark Cavalry / veteran's date of service: 1861-1865 / widow's app date: 08/16/1917 / county: Washington / veteran's dod: 12/15/19?0 / widow's dod: blank

Further study of these records may show children's information, marriage information and exact service summary.


Updated Apr 2009

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