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William and Elizabeth Barrington Pyeatt

William H (or M) Pyeatt was born on September 18, 1839, to Finis Ewing and Elizabeth Maxwell Pyeatt. He died December 18, 1922. William married on November 25, 1868 in Washington County, Arkansas (book C pg 423) Elizabeth W Barrington who was born June 14 (or 19), 1852 in Arkansas.

William served along with his brother, Jacob Preston Pyeatt in the Civil War (as an Ord Sgt) in Company E (Stirman's) 1st Cavalry Battalion. His brother was a Sgt Major.

The children of William and Elizabeth:

William and family were enumerated on the 1870 census at Marrs Hill, Washington County, Arkansas as follows:

This family was enumerated #66/67 pg 157B Ray's Mill. Neighbors were ? Hinds, D W Woodruff, W E Zellner, T J Smith, A Borden, Irvin Laney, P B Tucker. Also in Marrs Township were J C Pyatt and F E Pyatt on page 153B.

William and family appear as follows on the 1880 census at Marrs Hill, Washington County, Arkansas:

This family was enumerated #176/176 Marrs Hill pg 505 12th June 1880. Near neighbors were John James and James W Goss. William's brother, Jacob P Pyeatte, was two houses away and his brother, John C Pyeatte, and family and their mother was at #95.

On the 1900 census of Marrs Hill Township, Washington County, Arkansas, William's family had grown and appeared as:

This family was enumerated #123 pg 180B image 14/20 ED 109. Living next door at #124 was William's brother, Jacob P Pyeatt. Note here that Elizabeth (or whomever answered these questions) claimed eight children and seven still living (Maude had died at the age of 3). Later, Elizabeth will answer that she bore ten children. In looking at their various census entries, I believe the number ten to be accurate. I believe the number eight was the seven children still living at home plus the one deceased.

By the 1910 census of Marrs Hill Township, Washington County, Arkansas, they appeared as follows:

This family was enumerated #137/141 pg 153A ED 139 image 17/22. William's brother, Jacob P Pyeatt, lived at #139. Other neighbors were Adain Rhine, Frank Smith, Jiff Parks, Ray Rawlings, Isaac Rhine, William D Wells, James Cavett, Robert Kendrick, and James Stubbs. Also in Marrs Hill Township was their son, Ben E Pyeatt, at #97 and Jacob's nephew, Robert E Pyeatt, at #139. Their son, Hugh B Pyeatt, was in Center Township. I studied this entry for a long while and it definately says '30' years of marriage. That is not possible as their answer 10 years earlier was '31' years and we know that they were married by the 1880 census. Therefore this answer must be in error.


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