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Ebenezer J and Penina Crane Pyatt

Ebenezer Jefferson Pyatt was born December 6, 1833, in Perry County, Illinois to Samuel Pyatt and Mary Phelps and died October 23, 1899, in Jackson County, Illinois. He married on February 5, 1847, in Perry County, Illinois, Penina Crain, who was born April 4, 1840, in Perry County (or Randolph County), Illinois, to Benjamin and Cassandra Brown Crain and who died December 25, 1878.

The children of Ebenezer and Penina were as follows:

The family first appeared together on the 1860 census in Pckneyville, Perry County, Illinois:

This family was enumerated #1529/1529 10th July 1860 pg 214 (ancestry image 216/246). Living nextdoor was Ebenezer's father and step-mother, Cyrena Marlin Pyatt, with his sister, Nancy A Pyatt. Also in the same neighborhood were Ebenezer's brothers, Milburn M Pyatt and Isreal Pyatt.

Ebenezer and family were enumerated on the 1870 census in Denmark P O (T6R3) in Perry County, Illinois, as follows:

This family was enumerated #79/79 20 Jul 1870 pg (pg 11 top left corner) ancestry image 22/23 [Pickneyville marked through and changed to Denmark]. Neighbors were #74 J Nelson Taylor, #75 Jacob Owens, #76 Alexander Watkins, #77 Isabelle Boyd, #78 James Cravil, #80 Robert McClellan, #81 John McElworth. Living at #11/11 was Ebenezer's brother, John W Pyatt.

By the 1880 censusa of Pickneyville, Perry County, Illinois, Penina had died and the family appeared as follows:

  • Pyatt, E J age 46 born IL / WWM / Farmer / father born OH/mother born KY
  • Pyatt, Casander (Dau) age 18 born IL / SWF / Keeps House / father born IL/mother born TN
  • Pyatt, John (Son) age 16 born IL / SWM / Works On Farm / father/mother born IL
  • Pyatt, Jane (Dau) age 13 born IL / SWF / Works In House / father/mother born IL
  • Pyatt, Katie (Dau) age 10 born IL / SWF / Works In House / father/mother born IL

    This abstract was taken from; page 102A. This entry seems to put to rest the 'James/Jane' issue on the 1870 census. Living on page 103 was the family of Ebenezer's brother, Isreal J Pyatt and his nephew, J M Pyatt and family. Living in the house next door to Ebenezer as a boarder of the Owens family was Nicholas Mead - his recently widowed son-in-law.


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