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Samuel and Mary Phelps Pyatt

Samuel Pyatt was born Apr 16, 1793, in Ohio to Ebenezer Pyatt and Rebecca Millburn and died Sept 21, 1875, in Perry County, Illinois. He married first in 1817 in Williamson County, Illinois, Mary Phelps who was born in Kentucky and who died in 1846 (same year as her mother? Did Mary really die before 1840?). Samuel married second January 2, 1848, in Perry County, Illinois, Cyrena Jones Marlin who was born c1819 in Tennessee.

The children of Samuel and Mary were as follows:

The Samuel Pyatt household per the 1830 federal census of Perry County, Illinois: This is how a Samuel Pyatt family appears on the 1840 federal census for Perry County, Illinois Either Samuel's age was enumerated in error - or this is not the same Samuel that appears 10 years earlier and 10 years later. Samuel and Mary had several children by 1840 when he appears to be living with an older woman (possibly his mother (who died in 1846) or mother-in-law) in his household.

I found that Samuel was involved in politics early in Perry County's History. This is from a list of early commissioners:

Is the Andrew Bourland who served with Samuel in 1836 the father of Lucinda's husband?

Causing me some confusion is the appearance of Samuel and his children on the Kendall County Pioneers list for Kendall County, Illinois, as follows:

The children's names match up pretty well, however, some dates are different. Also, there is a son, Narvey A Pyatt, not listed elsewhere for this family.

Samuel married second January 2, 1848, in Perry County, Illinois, Cyrena Jones Marlin who was born c1819 in Tennessee.

By the 1850 federal census of Perry County, Illinois, Samuel's family was as follows:

They were enumerated #71/71 pg 8 (341 7th District from index).

It would appear that most of Samuel's children have moved on to households of their own. Some living close by include:

These three are all in the same household. Since there is no marriage record, to my knowledge, between John Pyatt and Nancy ? and since they are all listed as single - this is probably three siblings living together. The ages match Ebenezer's children with those names. Soon after the census, Izra J Pyatt marries Mary J Craig on December 26, 1850.

Also, living near Samuel was Milburn M Pyeatt and wife Malita B Jones who were married March 19, 1841.

As per the census:

These younger Pyatts, all born in IL, would fit the ages given on the enumeration of Samuel Pyatt in 1840.

Also living nearby was the recently remarried daughter, Lucinda N Goodacre, as follows:

Samuel and family appeared as follows by the 1860 census of Perry County, IL:

On the 1870 census of DuQuoin P O [T6R2], Perry County, Illinois we find:

They were enumerated #18/18 20 Jul 1870 (ancestry image 3/23) [Pickneyville marked through and changed to DuQuoin]. Also living in Perry County was #20/20 Milburn M Pyeatt, his son. In Denmark, Perry County were sons, Ebenezer and John W Pyatt.

By the 1880 census Samual appeared as follows in Pickneyville, Perry, County, Illinois:

This family was enumerated #1530/1530 10th July 1860 pg 214 (ancestry image 216/246). Living nearby were sons Milburn, Isreal, Ebenezer and John W Pyatt.

These Illinois Public Land Domain Records might belong to this Samuel:

The dates of these purchases would all fit what is known of this Samuel Piatt who married in Illinois in 1817 and died in 1875. See full abstract of Piatt/etc at Land Page.


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