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Milburn Pyatt of Illinois

There are two Milburn Pyatt's in Illinois born to brothers one year apart. I will attempt to separate the two and their various records.

These Illinois land purchase records will be almost impossible to 'place', except for the one for Melita B Pyatt:

I might be possible to 'suppose' that Milburn M Pyatt always used his middle initial, and that all other of these land purchases belong to the second Milburn Pyatt. This would make sense as the two Milburn M purchases are in close proximity as are the two for 'Milbern'.

Milburn Pyatt was born October 15, 1816, in Illinois to Samuel and Rebecca Milburn Pyatt and died May 6, 1882. He is buried in the Ramsey Cemetery in Illinois.

The Samuel Pyatt (Milburn's father's) household per the 1830 federal census of Perry County, Illinois:

If Milburn was born in Oct 1817, he would have been 13 on this census which agrees with the enumeration.

This is how a Samuel Pyatt family appears on the 1840 federal census for Perry County, Illinois

Once again, if Milburn was born Oct 1817 he would have been 23 on this census and could be the son 20-30.

Milburn was married first on March 19, 1841, in Perry County, Illinois, to Malita B Jones.

On the 1850 federal census of Perry County, Illinois, Milburn appeared as follows:

Living nearby were his father and several siblings:

It would appear that most of Samuel's children have moved on to households of their own. Some living close by include:

We might also conjecture that this Milburn and wife Malita did not have any children together if they had gone the first nine years of thier marriage without a child. This Milburn lived near: Jacob and Elizabeth Stewart Pyatt whose descendants later move to Missouri; his parents, Samuel and Cyrena Jones Marlin Pyatt; and John W Pyatt, Izra Pyatt and Nancy Pyatt who are his siblings. This is the only Milburn Pyatt whom I could find listed in the 1850 index for Illinois or who appeared on any abstracts which I have seen. Is it possible that this Milly B Jones was Malita's sister?

On the 1860 census for Perry County, Illinois, we see the following:

This family was enumerated #1528 ?pg 214 Pickneyville. The index lists Nulbum Pyatt pg 213 Pickneyville.

So, it appears that ten years later this is the same couple, still with no children in their household [see note after 1870 census entry]. Neighbors include: grown children of Jacob and Elizabeth Stewart Pyatt; E J and Pernina Pyatt; Samuel and Cyrena Jones Marlin Pyatt; Isria and Mary J Craig Pyatt.

Milburn married second on October 31, 1869, in Perry County, Illinois, Milly B. Jones. So, we can speculate that Malita had died by that time.

The known children of Milburn and Malita/Milly were:

On the 1870 census of DuQuion, Perry County, Illinois, I find the family as follows:

This family was enumerated #20/20 20 Jul 1870; ancestry image 3/23 [Pickneyville marked through and changed to DuQuoin]). So, my question is - where was Henry (and possibly Thomas) on the 1860 census entry? Why would they not have appeared with Milburn and Malita. And, why were they born so long after the marriage? Did Milburn and Malita give up on having children and adopt?

On the 1880 census they were in District 74, Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, as follows:

This family was enumerated vol 17 ed 74 sh 10 line 44 #81/82 household.

Then, on the 1900 census of Shoal Creek Township, Newton County, Missouri:

This family was enumerated at 67/112/25/6. Therefore, the Milburn M Pyatt who was born in May of 1818 in Illinois had a son in November 1859 in Illinois. If you look above, you will see that Milburn and Malita did not have a son on their 1860 census entry.


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