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can't go the the store, let the stores come to you Enjoy the pleasure

in the comfort of where ever you are


With our growing number of independent Boutiques, Local shops & major department stores


paintings & drawings by Celeste

    Photos by Da'Nell Cuble

of Buttermilk Sunday


Lounge with Ziam, Diamondancer& Some other cool people who really need to relax and shoot the shit


We've got our own radio station

We've got DJ Korie, with the guys from BeatdownSounds.

My sister's spin on her Fantasy cheer team

"the Hot Oily Dudes or something like that. Anyway She's holding try-outs


Arts, media & Culture




meet my gang: a brunch of super nice people. I'm gonna ask my boys B & D to interview people they like.

Boy! I really hope it's you!


 Poetry by: Joe Sharpe

Readers Literary Section




Once upon a time

The Bored Room Wouldn't you like to be a verb?

A room with no purpose

a good place to Vegge out and poke the penguin

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Wayne State University (college), Detroit, Michigan

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