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The Pretty One

My ex has Earth’s prettiest breast

                                Areoles of copper coins pinned cautiously to

                                Connelly colored skin

 Her belly is sea washed beaches, dunes at dusk &

                                Navel a golden grotto sought by Tibetan Monks

 My ex has legs that inspired colonnade columns to the temple of Auset

                                Knees profiles of pyramids at Gaza

 Her hips are winding roads of Alpine Autobahns

 My ex has a vagina of coral hue silk & cashmere

                                Flesh & jewel of Fijian pearl oysters

                                Lips of small tropical butterflies

                                Guard her palace gates

 Her ankles are pommels of samurai’s katana

 My ex has feet of saltwater taffy & cotton candy

 Her hair is night, moon peeking through rippling

                                Veils of stratus clouds

 My ex has eyes of tumbled & polished onyx spheres

                                Set in glacial snow

 Her mouth is ripe dripping melon, blood oranges

                                Opium dreams & hot summer rains

 So, she looks good

So, this is written in the style of a negritude love poem


 Should Mama call & say

“Papillion, bring home Rome & a bag of coffee

                                for my birthday

Tomorrow John Paul will wake to my Beretta

                                Caressing his chin

& this voice

Hi, my name is Unimportant (like Albert Ayler)

My momma said, “Bring home Rome”.

Now, we can play nice & party in the “D” or

We can play messy & I’ll carry you in a zip lock

No disrespect, but you’re coming home with me

Will you take this phone from my hand & say to my momma

“Hello, Momma, I’m sorry but your son can’t go get Rome tonight.

I sent him out for a dragon’s head & the moon on a string.

I’ll be sure he picks up your coffee though

Good night

& When you wake will you find a dragon’s head   or a note

 “Gone to Rome, when I get home have dinner ready


Love U.