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Article      Home: where we most want to be
The Poonanai looks at alternatives to what we're told is available in a house. Why it may be to your advantage to consider building a home.
Masai Wa Omari of Multiworx inc. takes us through some great ideas who time has never gone.

Pictorials  Surfaces: walls, floors, ceilings, ect.

       The Colors I feel
Painter Celeste, expresses the emotions of a woman, for all to see

After the Fall
Jewelry designer,
Diamondancer, extends her poetic embrace to the warm soft feel of Sticks & Stones, Her line of hand crafted wearable art

Non-verbal communication:
Photographer Da'nell Cuble of Buttermilk Sunday
Enjoy his sensual eye as it finds uncommon beauty in everyday people.

Feel the Glow
Teresa of Earth Spirit & Light: maker of pure soy based candles. A glowing example of organic culture coming home to the city.

Paintings by Celeste
See her gallery

Sticks &
Web site

Sensual photographs  by
See his gallery

Home: where we most want to be

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