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Give Praise Where Praise is due!

Not sense Berry Gordy has Detroit had a true leader in the music industry. And though it may be said like his contemporary the Honorable Mayor Coleman A. Young (bless his soul) that the man behind the success of many of yesterday's and today's musical icon was a bit shady, he gave many the chance to share their talents with the world and them a way out of the slums and ghettoes of Detroit.

Today we have opportunity to re-create that success

And be inspired by the leaders of our past, learn from their victories and mistakes. We can again be a jewel in the crown of world music, without mocking the present popular music forms, we can re-embrace a sound invented here in Detroit during our lifetimes.

Call it what you will 

Electronic Music, House, Techno. It really doesn't matter to me. What matters is nearly 30 years after it first hit the streets and clubs this Detroit Sound is still a global phenomena and it still effects every genre of music.

But it saddens me to know

many of our most talented and prolific artists, remain unrecognized in our home town and continue to perform at low paying gigs, work unrelated jobs & are forced to leave, family friends and fans to support their ability to come home and give us a strong dose of the music they love to play.

 It is my dream

that upon reading this someone will step to the plate and see the vision of Detroit having an equal to BBC's Radio One With the love and support of Beatdown Sounds ; The guys at Corner Productions , Below the Surface, Women on Wax, DJ Cory, Collin Z. Jake the Snake, The Tandem, Malik Alston, Craig Huckaby, Motunes. John Arnold, Short Round, Jazz head, InohssivaD, Kem (thank God for his success I remember) We are doing a lot and going places. Fuck the politics, it's still our city, let's give the world a reason to want to be here.


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