Endless WaltzEndless Waltz
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Endless Waltz

Silent Orbit:Part 1

Endless Waltz is a great movie.The story goes that now Relena, now a deputy Foreign Minister for the ESUN, is abducted while on her way to colony X-18999. To her astonishment, the one responsible for her abduction is Mariemaia Khushrenada, Treize'sdaughter and the granddaugher of Dekim Barton, leader of the Barton foundation. It finally comes to her that Mariemaia is being manipulated by her grandfather to complete his second scheme of total dominiation of that Earth sphere. The 1st scheme had taken place at the beginning of Operation Meteor. When Dekim's son, the real Trowa Barton, was supposed to have gone to Earth and help the other Gundam pilots their mission and then wipe them out. While his father was taking control of the government. His first plan having failed, Dekim wants to try again. This time by using the name of Mariemaia's famous father. Heero and Duo, having learned of Relena's abduction, decide to investigate and send Quatre on a dangerous mission to recuperate the Gundams. While that is going on Trowa learns about Dekim's latest bid for power and decides to stop him. However, as he tries to kill Dekim, Trowa is stopped by Wufei, now a member of Mariemaia's forces!

Operation Meteor:Part 2

Later, as they arrive at X-18999, Heero and Duo are met by Wufei and Trowa.Who with surprize fire at the both of them.It soon becomes evident that they were things only to make it easier for his friends to infiltrate the colony. Meanwhile, Mariemaia declares war on the ESUN and departs for Earth with Relena. At the same time, a lone MS, piloted by Zechs Merquise, now a ESUN agent, approaches the asteroid MO-III, where Mariemaia's forces prepare themselves for their impending assault on Earth and threatens to blow it to pieces. Dekim's only answer is that if Zechs so much as sneezes, he will drop the asteroid on Earth. Zechs turns tailang runs.For what?

Return to Eternity:Part 3

Mariemaia's forces decend on Brussels, the ESUN's capital, where Mariemaia, her grandfather and Relena go into a huge, super-armored bunker. Meawhile, Zechs and Lucrezia Noin try, without success, to stop Mariemaia's MS troops, until the Gundam Heavyarms, Sandrockand Deathscythe arrive. The only two missing Gundams are duking it out during atomosphieric re-entry. Wufei wanting to stop Heero because"it is my duty!". Heero manages to convince Wufei to help and arrives in Brussels, targeting the Wing Zero's huge Buster Rifle on the bunker. Heero fires a few shots and manages to pierce the bunker's armor. Insde, Dekim tries to shoot Relena, who has been trying to convince Mariemaia that war is not necessarily the best path. Mariemaia steps in front of Relena and gets shot, while Dekim gets shot by one of his own underlings. Heero enters with his empty gun, symbolically fires at Mariemaia,then loses consciousness. Outside, peace has returned.... Later, a convalescing Mariemaia visits her father's grave, while the five pilots destroy their Gundams and go back to their lives. Heero disappears.... Forever?