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Zero Custom:

Moblie Suit

The very first Gundam, originally was designed 16 years ago.It is the most powerful out of the five that were created for Operation Meteor. The Wing Zero's most powerful and dangerous feature is the Zero System. It can control the interface that feeds tactical data and combat simulations directly into the pilot's mind; Heero Yuy is one of the few pilots capable of handling this system. Also noteworthy is its primary weapon, the devastating twin buster rifle. As depicted in Endless Waltz, the Wing Zero lacks its "neo bird mode" transformation, but gains a set of feathered wings that enable it to survive re-entry and glide through the atmosphere.

Classification: mobile suit Model number: XXXG-00W0 Head height: 16.7 m Dry weight: 8.0 t Generator output: 3732 kW Thruster output: 88150 kg Armor materials: Gundanium alloy Armament: twin buster rifle x 1 beam saber x 2 machine cannon x 2

Gundam Pilot

Everything about this young man, who goes by the name of the martyred leader of the space colonies, is a mystery. Heero was raised from childhood to be the perfect soldier for the cause of colonial independence, and his guardians did their best to squeeze every last trace of humanity out of him. But in the course of his mission to Earth, and his dealings with the people he met there, Heero learned to live as a human being rather than a fighting machine. Now he longs to put his bloody past behind him, but when his friend Relena is placed in jeopardy and a new war threatens to break out, Heero must take his Wing Gundam Zero into battle once again.Heero Yuy:

Age: 16 Ethnic origin: Japanese Place of origin: L1 colony cluster Height: 156 cm Weight: 45 kg Eye color: Prussian blue Hair color: Dark brown