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Death Scythe Hell

Death Scythe Hell:

Moblie Suit

The Deathscythe HELL is the big upgrade to the Deathscythe. This Gundam has a really sleek double beam scythe, much better than the single (well, can you really tell?). Deathscythe HELL also has the buster shield, which can be used as a weapon. Probably the best new feature is the unique armor coat. It can be lifted up or down. When it's up, it is in attack mode. When the coat is down, the armor of the DSH increases significantly. Another thing that I have noticed is how the Gundam has a 'mask' sort of like a knight with the anciant style border around it. Deathscythe HELL was constructed by all of the scientists along with the Altron.

Code Name: Gundam Deathscythe HELL
Model Number: XXXG-01D2
Pilot: Duo Maxwell
Colony Constructed: L-2
Height: 16.3 Meters
Weight: 7.4 Tons
Armor Material: Gundanium Alloy  
Armaments: 1x twin beam scythe; 2x mounted vulcan;
1x buster shield; 2x hyper jammer; 1x active cloak

Gundam Polit

It's hard to believe that this cheerful, happy-go-lucky youth calls himself the "God of Death." As a child, Duo was taken in by the organization of scavenging space nomads known as the "Sweeper Group," and somehow he became entangled in the colony rebels' Operation Meteor. How did Duo become the pilot of the fearsome Gundam Deathscythe? Perhaps the answer will now be revealed.Duo:

Age: 16
Ethnic origin: American 
Place of origin: L2 colony cluster 
Height: 156 cm 
Weight: 43 kg
Eye color: Cobalt blue
Hair color: Brown