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Heavyarms Custom

Heavyarms Custom:

Moblie Suit

The Gundam Heavyarms, one of the five Gundams created for Operation Meteor, was a walking arsenal of machine guns, gatlings, and missiles, capable of delivering devastating firepower at any range. It was eventually upgraded for space combat, and the remodeled Heavyarms Custom was outfitted with a pair of hand-held double-barreled gatling guns. Though it lacks melee weapons, the combat skills of pilot Trowa Barton make the Heavyarms Custom a lethal opponent even in close combat.

Classification:  mobile suit 
Model number:  XXXG-01H2 
Head height:  16.7 m 
Dry weight:  8.2 t 
Generator output:  3190 kW 
Thruster output: 73750 kg 
Armor materials:  Gundanium alloy 
Armament:  vulcan x 2 
machine cannon x 2 
micromissile x 52 
homing missile x 36 
double gatling gun x 2 
gatling cannon x 4  

Gundam Pilot

At the age of four, he was taken in by a mercenary troop, and by age ten this nameless boy had become a combat-hardened mobile suit pilot. Now, after countless battles, he's at last found a home with the members of his traveling circus troupe. But there are unresolved issues that are only now coming to light. How did he become the pilot of the Gundam Heavyarms? And why did this nameless lad choose to fight under the name "Trowa Barton"?Trowa Barton:

Age: 16
Ethnic origin: Unknown 
Place of origin: L3 colony cluster? 
Height: 160cm 
Weight: 44 kg 
Eye color: Dark green
Hair color: Brown