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Dragonball GtDragonball Gt
Rurouni Kenchin
Streetfighters Dragonball Gt is based after Dragonball Z, and it was not made by the original creator of previous shows. Akira Toriyama created Dragonball and Dragonball Z, but a different person made Dragonball Gt. Dragonball Gt in my opinion is not as good as Dragonball Z, they mess up when they make Goku small again. So Dragonball Gt gets screwed up in the beginning so it was too late to revive the serious. Dragonball Gt is the final show of the Dragonball Series. It Starts off with Uub and Goku training in Kamis lookout when Emperor Pilaf heard of the Black Star Dragonballs in Kamis lookout. So he tries to get it, but doesn't know that Goku is there. (Goku and Emperor Pilaf met each other in Dragonball, but Goku kept defeating Pilaf, then they stopped showing him and he has been missing for about forty years or so) So Pilaf summons the black star dragon, which is a red dragon. Then Goku meets with Pilaf again, and Pilaf gets pissed and whispers " I wish he was small again so I can kick his butt". The dragon hears this and turns Goku small again. That's how Dragonball Gt starts, so Dragonball GT is a race, since the black star dragonballs are spread throughout the universe and the side effect is that if they aren't recovered within a year the planet they were summoned in would explode. So Dragonball Gt is about a race with time to get them back and restore Goku back to normal, even though Goku doesn't care. All Original Content Was written by X5Xfighter

(Highest score is 10 and lowest is 1)X5Xfighters Review For Dragonball Gt:

Action: 9



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