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StreetfightersThere is many forms of animation, japanese animation called "Anime", and cartoons. Japan started making animation after world war two. Japan came up with made good anime shows. While america made those shows while they're mouths move but not their bodies. Japan came up with shows such as dragonball in 1984. Well to me there are 2 kinds of Animation. Anime and cartoon, the reason I say this because cartoons and Anime in my opinion are different. Anime like Dragonball Z is like a soap opera, but exciter and have unexpected twists. It follows after every show, and keep going on until the season ends. Now Cartoons begin in one show and end in the same show. It doesn't follow after each show it begins and finishes. It may show the same charecters, heroes and villians but each show is different, and don't really show that much seriousness as an anime show does. Also the drawings are different as in a cartoon the charecters may look wierd and not real. Like the cartoon may show a talking lizard or stuff like that, but in an anime it's not like that. In cartoons the charecters are more of a humor drawing then in a anime the humans look like humans.
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