Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Oberland's Wispa D'Valleverde

March 31st 1999 to June 29th 2012

Owned, much loved and now so very sadly missed by Maria Cabrelli

The grand old dam chose yesterday to make her final journey over the bridge. She graced Maria's home for 13 years and left many of her offspring to cary on her legacy. Wispa maintained her youthful and determined attitude into her final days. - Wanda Tait (Breeder)

Happy Birthday Wispa, looking wonderful at 13!

Four Generations

L to R - Fina, (great grandaughter) her mother Siena (grandaughter), Summer (daughter) and Wispa

Grandaughter, Pepin (Siena's sister) was unable to attend this celebration as she had just given birth to a litter of 6 pups.

and the "M" litter

In Loving Memory of

Wispa's littermate, Sascha

Richard & Vanessa Johnson's

(Oberland's Wynsome Sascha)
March 31st 1999 to

July 5th 2013
aged 14 yrs 3 mths
B-G ID=64016

In Loving Memory of Wispa's pup

Wendy Pros'

(Valleverde's Okanagan Ice)
December 27th 2001
to August 3rd 2012
aged 10 yrs 7 mths

B-G ID=18334

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