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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Introducing Pepin and the "Monk" litter

Born March 29th 2012

Pepin's B-G Dog ID =32271

With thanks to Coral and David Denis for these glorious pics

Pic below, seven hours old, pic above ten hours old.

All eating well, Mum finally starting to eat and wait for her biscuit

Update from Coral & David April 27th 2012 - aged 4 wks

"This is why we will not be at the Specialty, looking after these little devils. Have been eating solid food (mush) for the last few days and are still nursing."

Boy 1 - 5lb.13oz

Boy 2 - 5lb

Boy 3 - 5lb.14oz

Boy 4 - 5lb

Girl 1 - 5lb.14oz

Girl 2 - 4lb.1oz

Update May 18th 2012







Update May 27th 2012

The pups are now off to their new homes - more pics to come!

Boy 1 - Kaeto
now with Cathy and Kouga

M Litter Relatives - taken l983/l984.

Left to right; Vombreiterweg’s Lady Elsa (Elsa) Chaletsuizo’s Fleur (Buffy, not related) Alpenweide’s Alphi Heidi (Heidi, out of Bear and Elsa) Vallevu’s Lord Ericson (Eric, uncle to Bear and Elsa) Valleyvu’s Beorn Baron Adalwin (Bear).

Elsa and Bear are eight generations back to the Monk litter and Heidi is seven generations.

For Pepin's Grandmother


(Oberland's Wispa d'Vallaverde)
Born March 31st 1999
B-G ID=64017

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