In Loving Memory of


Zanzeburn Beamer

August 27th 2004 to March 13th 2010
B-G Dog ID= 66528

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Julie and Michael Ross

Our Dear Darling Beautiful BEAMER,

Mum and Dad are so sad this day as you part for Heaven but we know we will meet you again in in Heaven one day. We will be happy to see you frolic with Cooper, Banff, Sasquatch and Aussie.

Your brothers here on earth, Maximus, Riggs, Nicolaas and your Mum and Dad will join you one day our precious Baby Beamer. I know I will always call you our Baby even though you were all grown up. You will always be our Boy, the KING of Bernese Mountain Dogs!! You are the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

Our Love for you my dear man will shine BRIGHTLY FOREVER. We will Always burn a candle for you.

Wait for us, our love Of Our Life as we will need you to be waiting to greet us someday.

Beamer you are the Air we Breathe, You are the Light in our Lives which will forever shine. Beamer you have introduced us to so many Wonderful people and New Friends have come from this. You have changed our life for the better. Beamer to Love You is so EASY, everybody stood in awe and marvelled at such Beauty. You truly are the most HANDSOME Boy in the whole Universe! Beamer you are the people's choice of Bernese Mountain Dogs,you take peoples breath away when you glide around the show ring or even just playing, going for a walk, people would just have to stop and stare and admire your grace and BEAUTY!! You BEAMER are our BEST FREIND, YOU ARE THE LOVE OF OUR LIFE.... YOU ARE THE PERFECT SON/DOG! We Love you now and forever Beamer. Mum and Dad are so PROUD OF YOU,NOW AND ALWAYS!! There is ONLY and Ever will be ONE BEAMER, You are our Sweet Boy. You will always be with us and we will always be with you, our hearts and soul will always be connected. Beamer you are SO SPECIAL in every sense of the word. Good night our DARLING, DARLING BEAUTIFUL BEAMER. Until we see you in Heaven, know that we are all still together forever, we will always be here for you. Run FREE OUR BEAUTIFUL BEAMER, play with your friends and make new friends.... meet a lovely girl, I know they will be falling over each other to be your girlfriend. Be strong and take COOPER'S paw BEAMER, and go to heaven together.. you can help each other , my babies run FREE. We LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER! You, BEAMER ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE NUMBER 1...remember that our lovely!

Our Love for YOU will ALWAYS SHINE BRIGHTLY. Have a safe journey to heaven, our son.... You ARE an ANGEL and always have been and always will be our ANGEL! See YOU AGAIN OUR BEAUTIFUL BEAMER!!!!!! Please forgive us that we can't be with you on your journey to Heaven but know we ARE with YOU in our Souls. Wherever you are or go we will be with YOU.




Beamer at 5 weeks at his Breeders Place- Nicole Lennon from Zanzebern Kennel

Beamer nearly 2 years

{short description of image}

{short description of image}

Beamer at home last year, looking back over the years

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