In Loving Memory of


Died March 13th 2010

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Julie and Michael Ross

Dear Cooper, our Beautiful Saint Bernard!!


You travelled so far from Sweden to be with us. We watched you grow into a BIG HANDSOME BOY. Whilst you have only been on this Earth for such a short time, you have learnt to LOVE and BE LOVED!! You have... dear Cooper, so much Love to give...nothing much bothered you. In fact I can't think of anything that did. You are always happy!!!!!!! COOPER you run FREE our Darling with your Auntie 'TUVA' and you run FREE with your BEAUTIFUL BROTHER BEAMER. Take each others paws and go to Heaven TOGETHER. Be good brothers and look out for one another.

Cooper you will meet Banff, Sasquatch and Aussie in Heaven and all the other wonderful dogs, cats and creatures. Make lots of friends. We will ALWAYS be here for you COOPER and one day we will all meet again in Heaven.

YOU ARE and will ALWAYS be in our Hearts. Cooper, you are truly a BEAUTIFUL BOY in every way. We are SO SORRY we couldn't fix you but know we can say that you will have NO PAIN in Heaven!!!!!! Cooper you will run FREE of PAIN, romping and playing with your Brothers and Friends.

Cooper we LOVE YOU SO MUCH OUR DEAR BOY!!!!!!!!!!! We will see You again our Dear FRIEND AND SON!!!!!!!!


Mummy , Daddy Your Brothers, Maximus, Riggs and Nicolaas Love You too and Beamer

Cooper at quarantine, he was around three months old.
Cooper was imported out from Sweden - our Good Friends Sussi and Lasse from Courmayeurs Kennels

Cooper with Julie,his mummy....
his first day in Australia and his first day in Quarantine

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Cooper, a very special Saint!

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