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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Dazzle the Bernese Mt. Kitten

With thanks to Chris and Herb Baker for these great pics of the newly expanded Baker Gang

BMD nurses three pups and a kitten

Chooey nursing some of her pups and yes, that is a kitten nursing there too!:-)

Raised by Chooey and pictured with Herb in the next photo

Herb and Dazzle the Kitten

Dazzle with Herb.

From Herb 28th August 04

"A very interesting story it is, to say the least... I will tell you that the young Queen Mother Cat, we rescued after she was brought in to the vet's office with a broken leg.. The man left her for x-rays, and when our vet x-rayed her, he saw that the leg was beyond repair, and would have to be amputated to the top, but, at the same time the x-rays showed that this very young one was also pregnant !!

Chris was at the vet office, and when the vet called to tell the man of his findings, the guy just said, " Put her to sleep "...
Well, Chris & our Vet called the guy, and asked if he,(the guy ) would sign the Momma over to be saved.. He said yes, and we brought home to the Baker house the very young Momma, who we named " Carrie ".. For days Chris slept with Momma to be, and then it was time for the wee ones to come.. Three were born, and God decided perhaps two of them should be in Heaven, leaving one boy, we named " Dazzle "..

Momma nursed for a week or so along with Chris's helping with goat's milk. Momma then got a very nasty mammary gland infection, which needed surgery, which she had, and ChooChoo took " Dazzle " and nursed, cleaned, loved, and did everything that she did and does to her 6 puppies.

<click here> for earlier pics of ChooChoo

Dazzle and the wee pups have been with each other, and frankly Dazzle thinks he is a Bernese Mt. Cat/Dog, and the pups think that also.. Such love is so amazing and beautiful..

Momma Cat on last Tuesday, was strong enough to have her leg surgery, and on the very next day she came home, to heal, and where she and her Son Dazzle will be in the Baker family... Today, Monday, only 6 days after she lost her leg, she was walking, no, running around the house, as happy as a Momma can be, and ChooChoo loves Momma Carrie, and kitten boy Dazzle has 2 mothers and loads of wee brothers/sisters, as well as all the big guys and dolls here in the mountains..

So, that's the way it goes... Yah never really know what's around the corner, but we are so happy-happy that Carrie & Dazzle came into our life..

By the way, the Dr. charges nothing nor will he ever charge anything for anything that has to do with Carrie and Dazzle.. Dr. Dan Sullivan, who I call the Mozart of vets ~ He is quite a guy !!

Here is a pic of this wonderful Blessing we call Carrie.. She brings us joy and hope !!"

Carrie the Queen Cat

Bernese Puppies?

Wee Dazzle at play with his Berner brothers and sisters!

And September 4th the latest News

Kitten "Dazzle" with his Momma "Carrie", after Momma returned home from having her right rear leg removed... Carrie says, " No Problem ", and she is playing with everyone, and happy- happy.. Dazzle loves playing again with his Momma, but remember that Dazzle also has his Berner Mother, " ChooChoo ".....

Carrie and Dazzle

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