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Newfoundland Jessie

A new friend for Willem's Bernese, Dingo

With love to Willem who has adopted a new Rescue Newfie Pup

Newfoundland Pup, Jessie
Newfoundland Puppy, Jessie is home.

From Willem Wijnberg in the Netherlands, February 6th 2005

"Jessie was bred in a puppymill and saved through the Dutch Newfoundland Club who bought her in an auction to keep her out of the hands of other puppymillers. She was born in Hungary and is now 10 month olds.

Jessie is not a show dog or a dog to breed with, for 10 months she is too small and not high enough, her eyes are a little too light but she has a beautiful, soft character. Because of this and and through the fact that I do not breed anymore or go to shows I have taken her as a pet and play friend for my Bernese Mountain Dog, Dingo.

Jessie was first taken through another Dutch family with 3 very young kids but the mother of the kids become very nervous because the young kids were running the whole time behind Jessie and were pulling on her tail . So she decided that her home was not a good forever home. She asked on the Dutch BARF list if somebody who knew how to keep a young Newfoundland would take over Jessie from her.

When I read this I talked with Truus and we decided to give the poor pup a good forever home.

That's the story how Jessie came into our life and until now we have no regret from it.She is a little shy and special to other people because in the puppy mill she had not seen other people other than the criminal who bred her.

Dingo is very happy with Jessie, together they can play now and thats exactly what they do when they are together in the garden."

Newfoundland, Jessie

Newfie Pup, Jessie

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Newfie Pup, Jessie

We look forward to more pictures from Willem of Jessie and Dingo.

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