Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

More Baker's Buns

With thanks to Chris and Herb for these great pics of the newly expanded Baker Gang

They have surely been busy with two new litters and two adoptees.

New born Berner Pups

Katahdin and Mack's pups a few minutes after being born.

New born Puppy!

New born puppy

Bernese Mountain Dog Katahdin nursing her puppies

This is the younger litter of the two.

Momma is Bernese Katahdin and the Proud Poppa is Mack, whao ain't little anymore....

Herb with Bernese Mountain Dog Katahdin

Katahdin with Herb

Bernese Pup aged 3 wks

Herb with a Tahdin-Mack pup aged 3 weeks

Berner Pups

Herb with two of ChooChoo and Luther's puppies at 4+ weeks

Herb with Berner ChooChoo

Bernese ChooChoo and Herb

And the very latest addition to the Baker's Buns

*Dazzle, the Bernese Mt. Kitten*

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