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Sad News - Morgan

Kim Little's new Berner pup!

"Unfortunately, my landlord informed us last night (after a call from someone on the board who lives 2 townhomes down) that the HOA does not allow dogs over 30 pounds and that she will be a "future violation" – which is toward my landlord, not us, so obviously, he is not happy.

I contacted the breeder and we are taking her back today; it's either move or be evicted. When we moved to this place in June, we were not given any copy of the HOA by-laws, and it never occurred for me to ask. Also, when we moved here, he asked if we had pets. We had a cat and paid the deposit and that was that. I've seen other dogs here and didn't think it would be a problem; in retrospect, I guess I never saw any "big" dogs though.

We just can't afford to move again and the breeder thinks it's best that she comes back ASAP vs. getting even more attached to us. I spent the entire night in tears because she was doing do well, better every day. And I'm SOOO angry with myself for not even checking with him first; I just wanted another Berner so badly. I've never heard of a weight limit for a standalone townhome, just an apartment. I'm so worried that this will be detrimental for her growth/maturity/bonding but I suppose she will be happy for a while back at her home, but then going to another new home? I just can't imagine how this might affect her. I've written a list of things that she likes, what's been working, etc., but my heart is breaking that I caused this by not checking first. It honestly never occurred to me to ask about a type/size of dog for a townhome!"

Our hearts go out to you, Kim, we know how very special this puppy was to you, hoping that sharing your story will help stop this heartache in future to anyone else taking on a pup. Make sure to check your building's regulations.......

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