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Mooch and Oscar

Patt Wiegand's Rescue Boys!


Born November 25th 2003

B-G Dog ID = 28608

I may be one of a few folks whom actually got a Berner puppy from rescue, thanks to Bruce and Linda Whiteside. I can't imagine the situation which allowed this purebred 10 week old Berner pup to be found wandering in a big box store parking lot, and even more can't imagine why his owners never looked for him, as he spent time at the local shelter, lots of info about him out there in the media world, etc. If his owner had been looking for him, he would have been so easy to find. So I am the winner in this situation! Mooch is now 7 years old, and is such a sweetie. He has bad elbows, we did arthroscopic FCP surgery when he was about 1.5 years old (too late IMHO), but heck, one can get that with a pup from a reputable breeder whom is working their butt off to reduce the occurrence of that inherited issue. My disappointment is we don't know his parents, so we can't add that genetic disease in Bernergarde to a specific line. He is in Bernergarde, but with no lineage.

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Born April 24th 2011

B-G Dog ID = 39715

"I am thrilled that our Oscar (BARC dog) will be 10 on April 24th, my first double digit Berner! In spite of his small size, he has a huge heart. Yet he never asks for anything. I find that a bit sad. He politely waits for us to offer him things, be it treats or trips outdoors. Well, when he chooses to get up on the couch he will paw at us to pet him. I love that. I keep telling him he needs to be a bit more of a squeeky wheel, as I would love to give him everything he wants."

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