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Koda Got Kinky at Lin Cars

Born December 29th 2003

B-G Dog ID = 28742

Owned and so much loved by Jackie, Paul and Lindsey

Can you tell how much Koda just loves his Lindsey in this picture??

Almost a year ago Jackie lost Kenai to Histio, she just got the confirmation on Friday 9/30/11 that Koda (her first berner, heart and soul boy that she fought so hard to get) also has the dreaded Histio. It is in his Lymph nodes and his lungs.

October 2nd and staying positive, Lindsey has bought a Birthday Hat for Koda
for his upcoming birthday 12/29…..

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jackie and her family in their fight for this beloved Berner!

Update - October 31st '11, Koda, the Lobster with the Zombie Prom Queen


Update December 1st '11 - Thanksgiving was really shaky here in Lyme. Koda had a really bad day. It started with the refusing to eat and diarrhea. Then there was a little blood in there too. So I automatically though, oh no, internal bleeding. He was just not in a good way. So I spent most of the day running to the bathroom, in tears so he would not see me. I was really stressing out, thinking, Paul is leaving in a few days for a golf trip, the possibility of having to put Koda down on Friday, or having to deal with it alone with Lindsey who is only 12 while Paul is away, or Koda not making his 8th birthday and Christmas. Just the whole thing, dealing with Histio all over again. I sleep downstairs on the couch Thursday nite to be with Koda, but not much sleep was done by me. But, Friday comes, and no more poo’s and feeling good and oh, eating again too. He must not of felt good on Thursday at all. I got good advice from my friend, Koda is not giving up, so why are you? She was so right and I really needed that. I get up most nites with Koda at least 2-3x, as he has to go to the bathroom, but last nite, nothing. He never came to get me. I actually got up and went to find him as he always wakes me everynite and did the new mom baby thing, poking to make sure he was still breathing. He was fine. Just in a deep sleep.

He is slowing down, no walks at all now, still eating, so that is good, and it is starting to get harder to get up the ramp to the car, so we may have to not do rides anymore. We put up the tree and took some pictures and even gave him his first present. As you see, Lindsey is very happy with her boy, and Koda sure loved his bone. Lindsey now planning on what to make him for a very special Birthday breakfast and dinner on the 29th…Lindsey is even making the list of what presents to get. The hat is still waiting in the corner for that special day too! Every day here is a gift from God, and one that I will gladly take.

December 14th 2011 - I am so sad to tell you that Koda lost his battle today to histio. I know that we were so lucky to have had him in our lives for almost 8 beautiful, memorable years. He would of been 8 in 15 days. He brought all of us such unconditional love and a great companion and protector to Lindsey. I have never felt so empty with such a hole in my heart losing him today. I just could not let go of his coat today just trying to get all I could instilled in my heart and memory. He has taken such a huge chuck of my heart with him today. I only hope he took all of mine too with him.

Koda and Lindsey
Koda Got Kinky at Lin Cars
12/29/03/- 12/14/11
He brought all of us
such unconditional love
Jackie, Paul and Lindsey
B-G Dog ID = 28742
Lin Cars Kenai Samson
5/22/04 - 11/17/10
So much loved and
now so sadly missed by
Jackie, Paul, Lindsey
B-G Dog ID=32740

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