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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary!

Joye and Bill Neff
B-G People ID = 6535

Married June 14th 1962

Joye and Bill 50 yrs ago!

"Today we had a wonderful time celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary with my brother and his wife with a trip to an ancient Redwood Grove in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Henry Cowell State Park) where we met a three month old Berner puppy from Mary Chapdelaine. We drove to Cannery Row on Monterey Bay where we had a great lunch (sand dabs) at the end of the wharf watching the waves break over the rocky shore. Dessert came as a gift from the restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. We then drove to Carmel and visted a winery, then on to the Clos LaChance Winery near Morgan Hill, CA. We just finished a lovely dinner at my brother's home and toasted our 50th anniversary with a nice champagne., Gwen and family are almost to Seattle where they will spend time showing Ella where they used to live. They arrive in Hawaii on Monday. Tomorrow morning we fly to Hawaii at 10 a.m. Jay and family have been in Hawaii since last Friday and have been having a wonderful visit." - Love, Joye and Bill

Welcome to Hawaii

We had a great time last night at Sheri's house where we are staying

at Bill's sister Dana's home

For earlier pics of the Neff fsmily on the Friends Gallery

Joye & Breeze
The Swiss Room Event

Easter 2012 Valentine's Day 2012 Xmas 2011 Gia & Breeze

Breeze at Pitt The Presentation New Castle Show Easter 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Breeze Breeze - Go Steelers Breeze Neff
St. Pat's 2011 1st Birthday Go Steelers! Ontario 2010

Breeze and Emma Will and Breeze
Playdate 1st Swim Will & Breeze Joye & Breeze

In Loving Memory of

Maine's Jultomte Alpenbjorn
12/25/02 - 4/23/10
B-G Dog ID=38330
Bernese Mountain Dog, Winston sadly lost to Histio
Seavaridge's Winston
1/8/98 - 1/4/03
B-G Dog ID = 17340

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