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Maine's Big Lebowski

Born March 8th 2011

B-G Dog ID = 78723

Sylvia Katvala's new Berner Pup

June 1st '11 - Dude is smart. He knows where the shady places are. This morning couldn't find him and all was quiet. I know dangerous combination. Well, he climbed into the bathtub and checked everything out. He was very happy when I turned the tap on. I gave him a bath yesterday in the tub. Put a bit of water in the tub and just sponged him down to get the dust out of him. He didn't like the sit in the water part, but otherwise was fine. I took a shower afterwards and he tried to climb in with me. Helped him in after I was done. He doesn't like me wrapping a towel around my head. Had to bark at me for this:) Silly guy

July 23rd '11 - Here are some new pictures of Dude. He is growing up. He has new coat on his back, his tail is getting featherings and he got some new front teeth and back molars. The upper one are not in yet, but it's all swollen. He likes to lay in a tight roll, tighter than what is in the picture or the other two positions. He is reaching a point where I cannot lift him anymore. Martin took over the weekly weighing.

July 25th '11 - 3rd week of Puppy kindergarten. He is now 18 weeks old and 45 lbs. Getting used to having something on them. Sock was on for a short while, before it fell off. They also went through tunnels in this class. Last week was different objects for them to walk on.

September 12th 2011 - Took Dude with me to the yarn shop for him to hang out with my spinning friends. He was good as gold. Of course he soaked up the hugs and petting. Of course we never pet him at all. Right. He got some training in from Donna and after all the cheese was gone, he was allowed to lick the bag. He preferred to lay middle on the tile and not under the chair. Dude is now 60 lbs and he's gotten wider.

Dude's sister, Emmie

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