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About me....ahem...not much to say.

Real name: Doesn't really matter does it?

Nick names: Domo

Age: 19


world location:USA, CA

occupation: Pharmacy student. Currently working on my Pharm D. Hopefully i'll be done in about 3 more years.

food:a lot of things, although I can't ever say no to french fries...I know I'm going to get sick eating that

dislikes: tests and quizzes and studying boring stuff

likes: a whole bunch of things...hard to say...but most of all--drawing

Misc: I started anime by watching Sailor Moon. I think I've matured since the Sailor Moon days. The cartoon now bothers me a little because it is cheezy.. Over all, I still think it's a cute story, but the manga is better than the cartoon. I'm a manga person, not an anime person. I like things to be the way that the author originally had them. Sometimes the story gets changed in the anime. I'm not too thrilled about that. Also, I like manga better because I learn a lot more about drawing from manga.

I started drawing anime/manga style about 3 years ago. I've never had a real art teacher. I've had art classes but I didn't learn anything from them. What do you expect from cheap public school general art classes....It's nothing like AP art. Anyway I keep on drawing and drawing and I hope become better each day. So, if you want to draw manga you don't need a teacher or anything just draw what you see and you are on your way.

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