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Updates and MISC Topics

21 April 21 2005 Wow, 2005 already? I mean, its been that long. I'm getting older and older! And I have so many things to do and I haven't gotten a lot of time to draw anymore. I promise I'll start to take some art classes next summer and then I"ll be better than ever! Thanks to everyone who signed my guess book. It means a lot to me! Until then, meet me at the anime convention.......hahahaha

2 August 2002Its been along time since I wrote here. I'm just excited since I finally got a chance since I came back from AX2002. I had lots of fun and I think I'm going to go again next year. I'm going to work hard on my pics! I might try some computer graphics stuff but I'm not too technologically wired so I donno. Many the year after next year or after I'm done with pharmacy.

I got so many beautiful pics from artists at AX some Japanese artists and some new friends at artist ally. Henry I met before at the comic world was at AX. :D I hope I'll see him again next year. I'm not good enough to have a booth in artist ally yet. Actually I want to be able to walk around a look at panels and stuff. I don't have time to watch booths. :D I met some other great artists through me friend J. that I met in Japanese class. We went to Pierce with Yamaguchi-sensei. The best part was talking to the Japanese artist in Japanese. I wanted to ask for drawings but none of them understood me. Well maybe they did a little. But I've forgotten so much Japanese since this year. I've forgotten most of my Kanji and Katakana....hiragana I still know alright.....gotta go brush up :D

27 November 2001I got an email from the distributors of copic markers and they said I couldn't distribute markers anymore so I'm sorry.

2 July 2001 I'm on vacation at my grandmother's house. Just wanted you to know that I'm not dead yet. I haven't gotten a new scanner yet so too bad.....:(

23 May 2001 I added the profile section...but I don't think it will help you get to know me better. But you could probably be thinking...oh man her drawings are so (insert word), I wonder how long it took her to draw that. Then you look at my age or whatever and try to guess.

15 May 2001 Sorry about the delay. I can't put up the speedline section yet because I don't have a scanner anymore. I have to get a new one, so it will be a while 'till I update again

2 May 2001 Hello! Class was canceled today so I'm at the school computer checking my web page with Stacy! :D Stacy, a wonderful artist, who draws naked people in art class wants to say hi and draw you in the nude. Just kidding :D. Yeah, she is a big perv! :D Ha Ha Ha Nah it's just that her class requires it. :D Okay, enough of my jibberish. I'll open the how to section soon. The first lesson will be on speedlines.

25 April 2001 Part 2 I just keep on forgetting to thank you all for visiting my site. I finished my chemistry test. So I'm just doing a little reformatting and everything. No big construction. I'm working on scanning the little link for my short manga. Oh and Stacy write to me if you read this. Our English teach hates me I tell you! God I have to show you my outline!

25 April 2001 So today is my major test. I'll be taking it in about 5 hours. Cause is 3 AM now. Do you begin to see a trend that I sleep very very late? But I don't think it will be like this until my next test.

So I got the 2 page manga submission/contest thingie up. A special thanks to Silvia, author of Coronation Saga, for helping me. Have any of you seen her work? I'm so proud that I know her! :D.

Anyway, first thing is first, I can't draw guys if you have not noticed. Second, the scans aren't good cause, I wanted to save space and upload time, so I made the scans decient-not great. Third, you are not viewing the full page of the manga because I did it on B4 paper and it doesn't quite fit on the scanner, so I scanned as much as I could. Finally, I'm going to write in the bubbles soon so you don't have to read the dialog at side when I have time. I'm tired now. No proof reading. If any of the links don't work, it is because I didn't test them yet. I will soon. Wish me luck on my test people!

24 April 2001 So, tomorrow is my big chemistry test. I wonder why I'm updating at this hour. It is almost 1AM. And I ditched Japanese class to study Chemistry, but I'm so tired that I need some relax time. I'm about to break out with the coffee and pepsi! Anyway, I did a multiple file upload and left my computer on while I studied. So you can now click on the links to the pictures. I think there is something wrong with my counter, maybe I'll get rid of it altogether. So I'm thinking of adding a profile section so you can get to know me better-or not know me better. :D I also realize that I always forget to change the date that I update the pages at the bottom. Oh well, so sue me! Just kidding. I know my art needs lots of work. I think my more recent pieces are a lot better but I don't get around to drawing a lot anymore. A lot of the images are really old. Too many problems, too little time :(

23 April 2001 So I updated again. And once again I haven't gone over the typos and grammar etc. But who cares when you have a test on wed. Trying to do some massive construction at this hour is crazy. Anyway, I got some of the gallery up...well just the thumbnails.

17 April 2001Today is the day I start massive reconstruction of this site. I bet you're wondering why I chose True Color. I just like the title and I guess it can be interpreted with different meanings so.....Anyway, It is exactly 2AM now and I'm tired. There is a bunch of typos everywhere. I'm sorry. But now, the supplies section and links section are up, well not completely. Please let me know if there is anything that you are interested in or anything you want to be updated first...or should I say created? Well, goodnight

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