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So I guess I wasn't able to go to Anime expo 2003. I had to go to school. Thats so sad. But lucky for me, my partner in crime was busy so I would have been lonely going by myself anyway. But I'm really going to try to make it this comming convention. I'll have lots more pics to sell at the convention next time. I just have to scan them and put them up. I added another pic I sold that was never put up. Anyway if you bought my work at AX2002, thanks for all your support.

Sold art. Mostly from AX2002. One of them on ebay.

Sakura from cardcaptors. One of my favorites. Sold at AX2002 Kaoru from Rurouni kenshin. Took to AX2002 but it did not sell since it was very small. I'm never drawing small pics for expo again. Miaka looking kinda sad. Sold at expo2002
Utena The real me, Sold at AX2002. I like this one since the viewer gets to pick who is really utena the prince or the prindess. :D Dita from Vandread. Sold at AX2002 Sailor Moon sold on ebay a while back. Sorry bad quality image with cheap digital cam. no scanner.

Old stuff. Gifts from friends etc. For sale next con probably AX 2004.
Beldandy, Stained glass. WAS Going to sell for AX 2003 A pic I did to draw a boy. I have trouble drawing boys. I did one with the same pose of my roomate and her boyfriend as a present A pic done for my friend KK. She is supposed to be hanging stars from the moon to light the night sky.
Was going to be my mascot. But I think I'm turning this into a banner. Another Miaka. I guess I like the chinese outfits.

Click ON the picture to read a short 2 page manga called the Encounter

A gift for my english teacher who took some notice of my art :D marker A really quick sketch. I wanted to draw a blond girl I have a shirt just like hers in gray and pink
Drew this pose off a statue that grandpa had. I only like the hair in this pic so I left out the rest. Everyone like this one. One of my favs too. Looks like she wants to make a wish. Just testing out screentones. One of my first attempts with tones.
another pitiful attempt with tones Very very old pic. Playing with tones.Imate on main page Very very old pic too.
Testing colors with markers. Note the wierd skin tones. Just another angel I like drawing angels. Marker. One of my favorite pics too. I really like how the hair turned out.
The head is too big. :( I have that problem since I don't draw too well. Used lots of stuff on this one. Combo watercolor and marker and airbrush. Head is too big Just wanted to try drawing red hair.
More red hair. I wanted to try drawing eyes in detail for this one. Really quick sketch not much more to say.

These images are my property. Please do not take witout permission. Just send me an email and ask I'll probably say yes.


Please sign me! I'd like to know your thoughts. As always, thanks for visiting!

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