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Repainted Classic Andalusian Mare

Lovely Dapple Paint with detail to mane and tail.  Hooves are striped, muzzle uniquely detailed with a hint of pink.  Dark points.  Would make an excellent photo show model (possibly even live).  Dressage mover.

ONLY  $22.00

Repainted Classic-sized "Duchess"

Having decided not to sale this model as she was, I took a shot at repainting her.  And, she turned out quite well.

I gave her four black points, socks and stocking - along with a bit of white on her face to liven it up.  Her muscles are finely detailed as well as some facial veins. 

If photographed in the daylight (not scanned), the paint will give a highlight effect due to the mixture of lights on her hindquarters.

ONLY  $26.00

Repainted Classic Ginger Model

ONLY  $28.00

Fleabitten Paint Liver Chestnut with wall eyes.  Finely detailed would make a great head shot photo horse, event horse, etc.

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