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Training Tip:

Most everyone has jumped on the "band wagon" as a "horse whisperer,"  but it's the patience and understanding that count when you want to win the trust of a young (or abused) horse.  Not everyone can train a horse - it takes a special kind of person who has the insight to "read" what the horse can and will do next.  And obtaining the result - without force or pain.

Never trust someone who says they know it all about a horse either.  Each is different and must be handled in their own special way.  That person will, one day, find themselves in over their head.

Ask your horse what he/she likes today - listen and learn.

The Golden Rule of Horsemanship

Here is a golden rule,
a horseman should live up to;
the priceless knowledge in
Remember each time
you approach a horse, . . .

A man of kindness
to his horse is kind,
A brutal action
is a brutal mind.

Think, the Lord made thee,
made the brute.
He who gave thee speech & reason,
formed him also mute,

He can't complain;
but our good God's all seeing eyes,
So behold thy cruelty.
He hears his cries of the mute.

He was created thy servant,
not thy drudge.
his creator is thy judge.

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