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In Loving Memory

As the snow falls outside on this Thursday, February 21, 2001, I am      reminded at how life quickly passes us by.  At how the Bible says "Life Is But A Vapor - We ARE Here For A Short While."

Since the loss of my Beloved Father on February 10th, 2001 (just three days after his 54th Birthday on February 7th) - I have came to know that my dad WAS a great man to all he saw.  He touched more than just my life - as a daddy - he touched my soul.

I thank God for the brief time He gave me with my beloved earthly daddy.  He wanted his new body because his old one had failed.  On February 10th, my daddy got HIS NEW BODY and is in Heaven being the "Protector" I always new he was - along with my Lord Jesus Christ. . . .

Revelation 14:13
"Then I heard a voice from Heaven saying, "Write this: 'Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth!  Even so - it is the voice of the Spirit; let them rest from their toils; for what they have done goes with them'"

Feb. 7, 1947 - Feb. 10, 2001
Loved, Missed, Cherished, Beloved
Until I meet you again - God will take care of us both.


When your oldest friend is no longer the fastest or looking a bit thin, treat him with respect   the way it's always been. 
Don't put him "out to pasture" and never to call him again.    Remember, he still loves you - don't forget those "way back when" rides. 
Feed him differently - with treats to keep him happy.  And take him for walks, now and then.  So, when he does pass, he will remember when - you were still his best friend. . . .

The Bible states:
"Be ye kind - one to another. . . "
Ephesians 4:32

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