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Jan. 24-26, '03


For REAL HORSE Classlist - Click Here

1.   RRH Stallion Halter
2.   RRH Gelding Halter
3.   RRH Mare Halter
4.   RRH Colt Halter
5.   RRH Filly Halter
6.   OF Stallion Halter
7.   OF Gelding Halter
8.   OF Mare Halter
9.   OF Colt Halter
10. OF Filly Halter
11. Repaint Only - Stallion
12. Repaint Only - Gelding
13. Repaint Only - Mare
14. Repaint Only - Colt
15. Repaint Only - Filly
16. Morgans
17. Arabians
18. Quarter Horses
19. Appaloosas
20. Thoroughbreds
21. Standardbreds
22. Andalusians
23. Hanoverian
24. Trakehner
25. Lipizzan
26. Paso Fino
27. Fresian
28. Mules and/or Donkeys
29. Spotted Saddle Horse
30. Tennessee Walker
31. Paint/Pinto Horse
32. Haflinger
33. Miniature Horse
34. Mustangs
35. Draft Breed
36. Ponies
37. Other Pure-bred
38. Other Part-bred (state)
39. Palomino
40. Dun
41. Black
42. Chestnut
43. Buckskin

44. Dapple Greys
45. White or Albino
46. Roan
47. Bay
48. Sorrel
49. Other Colors
(NO-  paints, pintos
             or appaloosas)
50. Rearing Model
51. Bucking Model
52. Model on a Base
53. Renaker Model

54. Resin/Artist Model
55. Before & After
        RRH/Repaint Photos
56. Real Horse Replica
(Incl. Real Horse Pict.)
57. Arabian Costume
58. Indian Costume

59. Other Costume
60. Trail Obstacle
61. Horseracing Shot
(2 or 3 models racing)
62. Calf Roping (horse & calf
63. Reining (rider required)
64. Barrel Racing
65. Pole Bending
66. Jumping
67. Dressage
(state movement)
68. Western Tack
69. English Tack
70. Best Prop
71. Best Background
72. Harness
(vehicle not
73. Western Pleasure
74. English Pleasure
75. Bareback
76. Team Penning
77. Head Shot
78. Novice Model
(first show
            for the model horse)

Dear Horse Enthusiast:

Thank you for your interest in our Real and Model Horse Photo Shows. Both of the class lists contain something that any picture you may have taken can be entered.

Throughout the year, points are awarded which go towards the year-end awards ceremony. However, in each show, winners will receive ribbons (first place only) and/or rosettes (in divisional classes) for their efforts. 

Whenever we have more than four (4) participants, we choose two (2) High Pointers in each division.  Otherwise, there is only one (1) High Pointer chosen if less than five (5) people enter.  And, everyone who participates will receive a DOOR PRIZE in their results packet. 

So, come on, have fun -   

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On How To Enter
Our Photo Shows

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NOTE:  Sandhills Horse nor its owners/judges are NOT responsible for pictures that are lost.