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Timeline of Abuse


November 19, 1996 - May 10, 1997:

Mrs. Nicholson obtained a new lawyer who proved gross negligence by a previous attorney who was handling the case. All court rule procedures required in a divorce proceeding were ignored, including pre-trial equitable distribution and final hearing with absolutely no notice, service or response to petitioner. As a direct consequence, on Mother's Day 1997, at Court Hearing, the guardian ad litem declares husband an "unfit father" and states there is no emergency to the child, who is with her mother. She further states that she is not ready to go to trial because she had not visited husband's girlfriend's home yet. Judge Korda denied motion and trial proceeded without the presence of Mrs. Nicholson. This would not have prejudiced the respondent at all if a Continuance had been granted.

On the same day, nine policemen forcibly broke into Mrs. Nicholson's home. They didn't knock, have a warrant, or read Miranda Rights but ransacked her home, handcuffed guests visiting from abroad, and forcibly and illegally abducted her daughter while she screamed in sheer terror for her mother. No notice, service, nor right to disclosure appeal for re-hearing or appeals court was given Mrs. Nicholson by Judge Korda. This was a violation of due process and family court procedures.

Judge Korda awarded custody of daughter to Mr. Nicholson, a known abusive father and husband, along with 70% of Mrs. Nicholson's SSI disability income for child support. This left Mrs. Nicholson, who couldn't work because of her disability, "below poverty level" to face foreclosure.

June 3, 1997:

Mrs. Nicholson filed a timely appeal with the West Palm Beach Appeals Court for "gross violation of due process" of mother and child's rights.

October 1997:

Mrs. Nicholson appeared in Court with 13 neighbors who testified that the child had been inflicted with physical abuse, neglect and parental alienation while living with her father for 8 months. This is a cause for change of custody. However, Judge Korda becomes hostile. Overwhelmed by the Witness evidence, he denies her an opportunity to show evidence. This was in retaliation because Mrs. Nicholson filed an appeal against Judge Korda. He orders Mrs. Nicholson to "bond with your child" for 1 hour a week in the "Sexual Pedophile Program" in supervised visits. This was a ridiculous order the judge required of Mrs. Nicholson. Mrs. Nicholson's attorney objected to the grotesquely inappropriate, restrictive visitation that was not supported by any evidence. Judge Korda denies motion for relief.

December 13, 1997:

Mrs. Nicholson starts her one-hour visitation, where all criminals go to see their children when they are released from prison! Even the Director of the program couldn't understand why the judge had sent her there. Later, Mrs. Nicholson was thrown out of the program because she and daughter were crying and praying in Spanish. They were threatened, "you can only speak English."

January 1998:

New guardians ad litem were assigned who were less than compassionate. They were verbally and emotionally abusive to mother and daughter and threatened that they "would never be together again". In their reports of Mrs. Nicholson and her daughter's visits, they belittled and devaluated Mrs. Nicholson's maternal values of religious, Cultural and traditional differences which were a vital part of her child's rearing since birth - now 100% prohibited, including their native language.

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