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Timeline of Abuse


February 1998:

In collusion, Judge Korda and the guardian ad litem coerced Mrs. Nicholson, who was under great stress, into an overnight court hearing for a psychological evaluation. This was against court rules and procedures. A court cannot force a victim of violence into a psychological evaluation in order to use it against them to impede child visitations or determine custody. Mrs. Nicholson's rights were violated and she was prohibited from obtaining competent legal council. She was told if she did not comply, she would not see her daughter again. Why should Mrs. Nicholson have to go through an evaluation while the Respondent husband, Mr. Nicholson, who was abusive, did not? Judge Korda said, "The respondent would not be bothered with none of this nonsense". However, a court procedure requires that a respondent with an established abuse history and "any parties that the minor child is exposed to should be psychologically evaluated" in the child's best interest. This did not happen! Mrs. Nicholson's rights were again violated.

Overnight Court appointed psychologist did a hostile character assassination of Mrs. Nicholson, not supported by any evidence. This was needed in collusion with the guardian ad litem and Judge Korda to violate a law abiding devoted mother's parental rights.

June - September 1998:

Mrs. Nicholson files a motion to enforce parental rights. Judge Korda denies motion.

September 9, 1998:

Mrs. Nicholson wins Appeal Court ruling for gross violations of due process and abuse of discretion and power by Judge Korda. A trial proceeded. The guardian ad litem informed the court she was not prepared to testify and there was no emergency to the child. The court denied and the trial proceeded.

Final Appeals Mandate:

Case is reversed and remanded, all parties go back to prior status quo and all relief is awarded to Mrs. Nicholson, including lawyer's fees. Mrs. Nicholson tried to enforce the mandate for a new trial with a new judge.

October 9, 1998:

In retaliation, Judge Korda railroaded Mrs. Nicholson into a second fraudulent divorce without her presence. At the time, she was at the FBI Building in Chicago, seeking help and her right to Enforce Final Mandate of Appeals and diligently seeking competent legal counsel.

Mrs. Nicholson's attorney filed an 18-page "Emergency Writ of Prohibition" motion of Violations, which was denied by Judge L. Korda.

Mrs. Nicholson's attorney filed "Motion to Recuse", denied by Judge Korda.


Mrs. Nicholson has been unlawfully prevented from seeing or contacting her daughter for 5 years (May 1997 to present). She lost her only home (foreclosed), which she purchased sacrificially for her daughter's security and safety, because of expenses entailed in her effort to regain custody of her child. Judge Korda further placed additional financial pressure on Mrs. Nicholson when the court ordered her to give up 70% of her SSI disability benefits, which put her "below poverty level - displaced". Judge Korda did this "willfully knowing the financial destruction" that it would cause Mrs. Nicholson life.

I thank you, from the bottom of my Heart, for your help in this vital plight to help mothers, children and families who have been unjustly victimized. May God reward your good efforts to help bring peace to families in anguish, not knowing where and how their precious children are. And, who are desperately trying to be reunited with them to love them and take care of them, a basic "Universal Birthright" respected worldwide.

A Mother paying Ransom for my precious daughter, Adjani,
STILL a prisoner of the state of Florida
DOB: April 17,1990

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