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Band Information (information on uhm... the band)


In June 2002 Paul Steel (Guitar/Vocals/Piano), Kelwen Cooke (Bass) and Chris Styles (Drums) formed a band. No build up or anything, they just formed a band. Paul and Chris had previously been in an alternative rock band 'Seratonin' and felt time for a change despite the satisfaction and enjoyment Seratonin had bought them. Paul had it in mind to form a 3 piece rock band and stuck with Chris on their journey in search of a bassist to accompany them on their travels... ehem. They found Kelwen Cooke, a strapping young man who was then in the year below (year 10) in Worthing High School. They set out for their first rehearsal at Monster Studios in Portslade. This practice was to get to know each other and to see how they could play together. They learnt some covers and Paul introduced a song he had written during his time in Seratonin. This was 'Nevada Galactic', the first ever song played by the band. The first practice proved successful. The day after the band performed the practiced songs at a buskers night at Area 51, a club usually populated by smokey old blues men todging over 12 bar blues. It was really boring. But a good first perfomance for the band. It was around this time the band needed a name. They settled on 'Permanent Daylight' named after the Radiohead B-side. They kept this name until they found another band with the same name. Bastards. A few practices round Chris' house in his shed saw the creation of 'Dishing The Shove', 'Mayfair' and an old track Paul wrote with Rob Bateman a couple of years before called 'Fluronova'. Also a cover of Supergrass' 'Richard III' was introduced into the band routine. A few more Area 51 performances followed with more material being played. The band were still in need of a name. 'Fluronova' seemed like a catchy, and odd name so they chose that. No other band's gonna have an odd name like that are they? So with that all sorted they carried on writing songs. 'Davrin' a rocking yet shameless Citizen Erased rip off was written. Then the band decided to start trying to record their stuff. They managed to produce a rough, poor quality, naive 3 track demo with 'Dishing The Shove', 'Davrin' and 'Mayfair'. At least it was a step in the right direction. Then Paul wrote more songs including 'Ulrich (the Maneater)', 'The Chair', and collaborated with Kelwen to write 'Maggie and the Robots' (Kelwen originally writing the intro bass riff). Aswell as all this new stuff Fluronova chose to cover Frankie Valli's 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'. Again more visits to Area 51 followed attended by some friends and lots of old people. Then came their first proper performance opportunity at Worthing High School. Fluronova played a 5 song set, which went down well with the students and parents. Fluronova recorded some more demo tracks and began to hand out to venues. In november 2002 the band entered a NME Battle of the Bands at Club XS in Worthing. The band didn't win but got a very good response from the audience. This did much to boost confidence. Then in December they played 'The Chair' at a showcase at the King and Queen pub at a showcase. Again Fluronova went down pretty well with the audience and got their first promising contact in 'The Brown Corduroy Express's Eddie Goatman who said he liked the perfomance. Then a long but productive wait until Fluronova's next gig. In that time some new material was written and Fluronova began to settle better into their style. Basically starting to get their shit together. March 2003 saw a very surreal and strange spot at SNAP in Worthing Assembly Halls infront of 1,000 gossiping teenagers. That was the largest crowd they'd played to. A very surreal experience indeed for an early gig. April 2003 saw the band make it's proper Brighton debut at the Pressure Point supporting Felix and Frock. This attracted the attention of a local studio whom the band may go to for some future recordings. This was probably the best performance musically that the band had done. For that gig 'Monster:Misunderstood' a little story song was written and played and is now a regularly played song. Then came the NUS Battle of the Bands where Fluronova came second losing only just to an incredible Uncle Buck. Now Fluronova are writing more new material and pursuing with gigs.

Paul Steel

Kelwen Cooke

Chris Styles


© Fluronova 2003