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name - paul james steel
date of birth - 10/08/86
hometown - worthing
status - single
band contribution - guitar, piano, vocals and synth. composes and arranges the majority of the songs.
main musical influences - radiohead, brian wilson, squarepusher, sigur ros, xtc
gear - fender california series telecaster w/custom kill switch, gibson les paul studio, korg sp-200 piano, korg electribe es-1 rhythm production sampler, zoom rfx-1000 effects unit, boss sd-1 super overdrive, marshall shredmaster, marshall vibratrem vt-1, digitech whammy wh-1 reissue, boss rv-3 reverb/delay, electro-harmonix small stone phaser, e-bow, 0.6mm dunlop plectrums


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