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News (uhm.. the freaky goings on in the world of Fluronova)

20/05/03 -

Two more gigs lined up in addition to the Sunday 1st June show at the Pressure Point.

Firstly we will be playing 'Battle of the Bands 2003' on Friday 23rd May (this friday), being held at Worthing High School.

Secondly we will be playing the Waterfront on Worthing sea front on Monday 23rd June, more details to come.

So here's the list at the moment.

Friday 23/05/03 - Fluronova @ Battle of the Bands 2003, Worthing High School

Sunday 01/06/03 - Fluronova @ Pressure Point, Brighton (Doors at 7pm, £4/£3 NUS, + Chaser, + Apartment, + Kubrik)

Monday 23/06/03 - Fluronova @ Waterfront, Worthing (details to be arranged)

07/05/03 -

Fluronova are currently writing some more new material to add to the set. New songs 'Bombers' and 'Pulse-Ride' have been demoed by Paul, both of which very different and far more experimental than Fluronova's other songs. The band are currently working out a live arrangement to 'Pulse-Ride' and have two more conventional rock songs in progress hopefully to be tested eventually at the Pressure Point on June 1st.

25/04/03 -

Details for SUNDAY 1ST JUNE gig at the PRESSURE POINT:

Lineup -

Chaser (7:30-8:00pm)
FLURONOVA (8:15-8:45pm)
Apartment (9:00-9:30pm)
Kubrik (9:50-10:25pm)

Doors open 7:00pm
Tickets/Entry £4/£3 NUS (to be confirmed)

All ages show (14+)

24/04/03 -

Last night Fluronova played the NUS Battle of the Bands at the Pavilion Theatre. The competitors were 'Fluronova', 'Plutonic', 'Uncle Buck', 'The Stiffs', 'Chimera' and 'Treadstone'. And Silvatone "headlined" the event with a banner and everything. Ehem.

Fluronova played:-

Dishing The Shove
The Chair
P3 x N15
Maggie And The Robots

Fluronova came second losing to an outstanding Uncle Buck by just 2 points. So, a successful evening.


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