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©2000 KLS
Player: Katana1510(editor)

Name and Titles
         Kyra'taryn (call her Kyra or your body parts will be scattered throughout the city), "Feral Shadow" on her wanted posters

Abilities On a scale of 1-20
     STRENGTH    17
      Strength consists of:
         Muscle, stamina, attack/defense, bend bars, open doors
     DEXTERITY   20
     Dexterity consists of:
         Aim, balance, attack(missiles)
     CONSTITUTION     18
     Constitution consists of:
         Fitness, health, system shock, poison save
     Intelligence consists of:
         Knowledge, reason, max spell level, learn spell
     WISDOM    19
     Wisdom consists of:
         Intuition, willpower, mental save, bonus spell
     CHARISMA   19
      Charisma consists of:
         Appearance, leadership, loyalty
     PERCEPTION   18
     Perseption consists of:
         Observation, alertness, secret doors, concealed doors, surprise modifier

Character Profile
Race:   Karildesti elf
Sex:  Female
Skin:  Pale white
Height:  5'5"
Build:   Slim 100lbs
Eyes:  normally golden brown, green in the dark due to elvensight
Hair:   Brown with auburn highlights when the light hits it right
Handedness: Right
Apparent Age:  approx. 126-140 in elven years (18-20 in human years)
Actual age: approx. 700 years old.
Vision: excellent/elvensight
Hearing: above average (normal for an elf)
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Goals: Uphold her reputation as a highly skilled and merciless assassin, keep the few friends she allows herself to have out of harm's way (mainly Navu)
Mannerisms: Runs her hands through her hair a lot, tends to use her beauty as a means to get what she wants, flips her dagger or carves into a table when she gets bored. Proud, arrogant, normally stoic, shows no feelings of remorse, sorrow, or regret.
General Appearance: Hair falls to the middle of her back, almond shaped eyes, average height.
Marks, scarring, and maiming: none

Status and Origins
Class: Assassin/Warrior
Social Class:
     At birth: Upper upper class. Princess of her tribe. Meant nothing as it was a patriarchal society.
   Current: Middle upper class
Birthplace: the island of Northern Erisat in the Realm of Lithrah
Birthdate: unknown, but was reborn as a demigod in the Winter of the Warhorse
Patron Deity:  honors no god
Family:  mother died of unknown illness (foul play suspected), she killed her brother in battle, and hired an assassin to kill her father
Affiliations:  none
Titles or honors granted: on wanted posters- "Feral Shadow"

Total number of skills allowed: 10
Skills: Tumbling, intimidation, torture, street sense, alertness, observation, endurance, escapology, alternate magic, and acting

Language: Common and some Elven
Reading/Writing:  yes

General Skills
   RACIAL ABILITIES: Elves share certain characteristics regardless of race. Among them are their lithe build, pointed ears, generally thin limbs, graceful movements, and overall elegance. Life is sacred to each race, although certain individuals or races (ex- Dark elves) may serve as an exception. They can see further into the infrared wavelengths of the spectrum allowing them to see in the dark(Elvensight).
     Karildesti elves are considered to be the barbarians of the Races of Light. They are territorial, protective, and take offense easily. Hot tempered and passionate, they are by no means pacifists and fight savagely when attacked. Their villages are temporary, made of branches and animal hides. They are suited for living on any type of terrain, but have an aversion to water. The Karildesti have an innate respect for nature and those who died in battle.

   CLASS DESCRIPTION: Assassins are often known to be called "night's blackest agents." They are trained killers who are most likely motivated by money, honor for a guild or a clan, or the simple desire to kill and steal away into the night. Not just anyone can become an assassin. They must be trained by a clan or order of people who have trained and studied for generations in the art of subterfuge and killing.
   CLASS RESTRICTIONS/DISADVANTAGES: An assassin's alignment never consists of either Lawful or Good. Thus, at the very best they can only be True Neutral, although most tend toward Chaotic or Evil bends. They prefer fast, nimble styles of fighting and movement. Their armor can be only studded leather, padded, or hide. Even elven chainmail generally isn't allowed. Shields and two-handed weapons are restricted as well.
   CLASS ADVANTAGES: Assassins receive the ability to backstab akin to a thief, and are capable of learning Thieves Chant. They are able to be ambidextrous and specialize in spells. Other thief abilities received by assassins include: open locks, move in silence, hide in shadows, detect noise, and climb walls. They are also able to conceal weapons without the chance of them being found and can fight unarmed in deadly martial art fashion.

     Can only be harmed/killed by those she loves and/or trusts

Name: Evening Rising (Syn)
Type: Black Arabian Mare
Training: Basic English with jumping and battle experience
Notes: Stolen from Corin Delstanith

Animal Followers
Name: Bodika
Type: Grey wolf
Notes: Telepath and demigod

Last Will and Testament
     I, Kyra'taryn, in the event of my death, do bequeath my earthly possessions to the following. All lands and items which may be sold for a reasonable amount and which are not otherwise designated are left to Navu Ditreksen to do with as he pleases. My ornaments are left to Dracelnesse. My personal effects and weapons are left to Lord Khraal Nel'Fray. I wish to be buried with Bodika beside the stream and bridge in my clearing.

     Cottage in the woods to the north of Aquila

     Uncharacteristic moral obligation to see that Navu is provided for.

People Known
Navu DitriksenHalf human/hydranThiefM
DracelnesseDragon shapeshifterMerchantF
Lord Khraal Nel'FrayElfBardM

Corin DelstanithHumanThiefM
Arevis DelstanithHumanThiefM
Cindel DelstanithHumanThiefF

Niles Nel'FrayElfHealerM
Terry ThornHumanEmpath/shapeshifterF

Everyday clothing~
Head: nothing
Torso:  black corset laced up the front
Arms: silver arm cuff on occasion
Hands: nothing
Back: black hooded cloak when needed
Legs: black leather leggings laced up the side
Feet: thigh or knee high soft-soled boots
Other: necklace made of black leather cord strung through a piece of obsidian engraved with the symbol of Death which is pulled up tightly against her neck as a choker

Formal clothing~
Head: hair pulled back
Torso: borang breastplate, long sleeve chainmail shirt
Arms: borang and leather gauntlets, war paint on left arm
Hands: black leather gloves
Back: breastplate, chainmail shirt, black cape with red lining if she's in command
Legs: black leather battle armor leggings, borang platemail greaves
Feet:  black leather boots
Other: all weapons present plus extra sword or dagger if aquired during battle
General notes: Formal=Battle Armor when acting in Warrior class capacity

Ruarc'anil (sword)left thigh
Daggersright waist and left boot
Dragon's Tongueunder tongue

As needed:
Chakramright hip
Bow and arrowsslung across back

General notes: These are only the weapons she has taken to using most frequently. However, she is trained in many other disciplines of weaponry. The sword was a gift from Ruan, god of Chaos, upon her emergance from the Depths. Forged in the fire of Blyt, the Great Dragon; the hilt crafted from the bone of the dreaded Blue of the Western Seas, Euan; adorned with the shed scales of Flaim, the legendary Red of the Lithien Mountains in the East; the blade sharpened with a shard of claw belonging to the long-hibernating Green of the Southern Plains of the continent of Hanis, Emryld; and tempered by the blood of the elusive Silver of the Northern Reaches, Kendril. Its name, Ruarc'anil, translates to the Common equivalent of "Vengence of the Gods"

Special Clothing
General notes: several different sets of outfits for use during undercover jobs

Special Equipment
Aquired as needed

Mage Details
School of Magic: Basic learning
School benefits and hinderances: No annoying archmage hanging over your shoulder. Limited access to spells.
Casting level: 3
Chance to learn spell: spells stolen from mages over years spent on the road and perfected over time. She is not to be considered a mage. Although she has knowledge of these spells, it would take her several days of study to be able to cast many of them.
First level
   Enemy Sleep

Second level
   Interdimensional Travel

Third level
   Merge Identity
   Soul Transfer

Primary ability: Telepathy, but only with Bodika

Type of Insanity
     Bloodlust and obsession with killing. Generally sadistic. Enjoys inflicting pain--emotional, physical and otherwise--but not unconditionally. Won't harm those she trusts and/or loves unless provoked.

Martial Arts
     Mental/Physical: All-around sight, blind fighting, flowing water
     Kick: Backward and circle
     Movement: Feint
     Lock: Immobilizer
     Throw: Fall, instant stand
     Vital area: Paralysing touch
   STYLE BACKGROUND AND ORIGINS: basic kickboxing and self-defense

Motto    "The pendulum of decency and corruption is bound to swing at its own pace. Right now, it happens to be swing towards me."


*relatively common skills such as speaking Common, reading/writing, and horseback riding, do not count towards your ten skills. However, if you plan on something extrodinary, such as air-based riding [pegasus, dragon, etc.], that will be counted. Also, common skills are optional. If you don't want your character to read/write, they don't have to. You are not obligated to choose ten skills; there may be less.